Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January Week 2 FHE

Welcome back for week 2 of my Family Home Evenings

For the month of January, our theme is "Agency is the Gift to Choose for Ourselves".
 The song we will be working on is "As a Child of God
The scripture for the month is 2 Nephi 2:27 “Wherefore, men are free … to choose liberty and eternal life, through the great Mediator of all men” 
We are working on Article of Faith 1- We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.

Week 2 Agency is the gift to choose for ourselves. (Same as last weeks)

Start with a song- choose your own or sing "As a Child of God"
Opening Prayer
Family announcements, read a scripture (2 Nephi 2:27), practice Article of Faith 1

Lesson: Quickly review what was talked about last week about choices and their consequences. 

Print out this No Swimming sign.

What does this sign mean? (No Swimming)
If we were walking on the beach and saw this sign what are some choices we could make? (Obey the sign and not swim, don't obey the sign and go swim in the ocean)

What could the consequence be if we chose to not obey the sign and went swimming? (there could be sharks, get caught in a dangerous undertow or whirlpool and drown)

What are some choices we could make that obeys the sign? (find a part of the beach with a lifeguard to swim, go on the boardwalk, play in the sand...) Obey the sign helps protects us. We still have a lot of safe choices

Print out some of these road signs and ask what the sign means. What could be a consequence of not obeying the sign?

Heavenly Father gives us warnings too to help keep safe, but because He gave us our agency, we can choose to listen to His warnings or not.

Game: Stop and Go
The kids line up at one end of the room. You stand at the other end. Hold up either a stop sign or a go sign. When you hold up the go, kids walk, run, hop one footed... towards you. When you hold up the stop, they have to stop. If they keep going they have to go back to start. Keep switching signs until someone reaches you.

To keep to theme, you can say a good choice for go, and a bad choice for stop. (ex: Go-help mom clean the dishes, Stop- tell a lie)

OR hold up the stop or go and have your child tell you a good choice or a bad choice before they can move

OR give the kids a situation and have them tell you what they would (should) do, hold up the green if it was a good choice.

Treats: Make cute yummy traffic lights. Spread peanut butter on a graham cracker. Put on a Red, Yellow and Green M&M. I got the idea from THIS blog.
For a healthier option you can make a fruit traffic light kabob. Use watermelon or strawberry for red,  pineapple for yellow and honeydew for green. Original idea came from THIS blog

Closing song: Your choice or, As a Child of God
Closing Prayer

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Choose the Right Bulletin Boards Part two

The more I looked at my Wizard of Oz Bulletin Board (see this post about that here), the more I loved it and wanted it on the big board outside of our Primary room. My mom agreed to come help me do it after I wouldn't stop talking about how I wanted to do it. Having already done the little board, it was a lot easier than I thought to do the big board and I was able to transfer a lot from the little to the big.

I printed out a larger temple. I also printed a munchkin land, lollipop guild and Glinda the good witch

I wanted to keep it simple, so I only included the monthly birthdays, theme and scripture. I did a candy theme for the birthdays and hung them by munchkin land. The monthly theme has a yellow brick road theme. The monthly scripture has a blue gingham theme like Dorothy's dress. I just found the borders through a google search.

Now I had an empty small board in the Primary room. I wanted to keep it really simple

The background is just a simple blue plastic table cloth from the dollar store. I made the shield with the website tagxedo.com You can make the list of words to include. I made two shields, one with our Primary children's names and one with Primary related words. I ended up going with the Primary themed one. I saved the file and printed it as an engineer print at Staples. Staples didn't have it ready when I went to pick it up (a full day after I'd requested). Then after waiting for ten minutes, the girl came to me and said that they had a different paper in the machine (a heavier duty paper) and it will take a long time to switch it. She asked if it was ok to print it on that. 15 minutes later, she gave me the print for free :) 

I have one more bulletin board to post about. I have it done, but I forgot to take pictures! I plan to have that post up later this week!

January Week 1 FHE

I love being a part of Primary. Every so often, I like to read the section about Primary in the Church Handbook to refresh myself on my responsibilities as Primary President. I came across this passage which really stood out to me.

"Parents have the first responsibility for the spiritual and physical welfare of their children (see D&C 68:25–28). The bishopric, Primary leaders, and Primary teachers support but do not replace parents in this responsibility." 

I was thinking about how I can better support parents when I had the idea of putting up some family home evening lessons ideas to go along with what we teach each week on Sundays during sharing time.

For the month of January, our theme is "Agency is the Gift to Choose for Ourselves".
 The song we will be working on is "As a Child of God
The scripture for the month is 2 Nephi 2:27 “Wherefore, men are free … to choose liberty and eternal life, through the great Mediator of all men” 
We are working on Article of Faith 1- We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.

Week 1: Agency is a gift we choose for ourselves

Start with a song- choose your own or sing "As a Child of God"
Opening Prayer
Family announcements, read a scripture (2 Nephi 2:27), practice Article of Faith 1

Lesson: Part of God's plan for us for when we came to earth was the gift of free agency. This means that we can make choices. We make choices everyday.What are some choices you made today? What to wear? What to eat for breakfast? etc. 
One thing that comes with our choice is a consequence. (In primary we have a sick, one end says choice and the other end says consequence, you can't pick up one end without the other coming too) Consequences can be good or bad. When you do your homework and study, a good consequence is that you get a good grade. When you make the choice to exercise, a good consequence is that your body gets stronger. There are consequences to bad choices too. If you eat too much candy, a consequence is that you get a tummy ache. 
Have the children take turns thinking of choices and consequences.

Game: A great game to play to reinforce choices and consequences is Chutes and Ladders. When they land on a square where a character makes a good choice, they climb a ladder closer to the finish line. When they land on a square where the character makes a bad choice they slide down a ladder farther from the finish. If you don't have the game you can print and use this one from lds.org. Or make your own game board with a poster board. The kids can help by giving ideas for the good and bad choices and their consequences.

Click HERE for a larger PDF

Treat: Give everyone a choice between two different treats
Closing song: Your choice or "As a Child of God"
Closing Prayer

Click HERE to see next week's plan

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas Time in the City

Monday is my mother's birthday. It is a big birthday too so I wanted to do something extra special for her. For my dad's birthday in January, I threw him a surprise party. It was great but I know mom well enough to know she would want something different. Instead of a surprise party, I surprised her with a trip to NYC to see a Broadway show. My mom has always loved Broadway.
When I planned the party for dad, I had mom help me a lot. It became her job to get him to the church building without him suspecting anything on a random weeknight. She came up with the plan to make him think they were cleaning the church and he was completely clueless! We jump out and yell surprise when he came in in his sweats ready to clean. 
Well I needed a helper to make sure my mom was available for the day of the show, so I asked my dad. My almost exact words to him were, "I bought tickets for Dec 7th so make sure she doesn't make any plans"
So he went to mom and said, "Don't make any plans on Dec 7th."
AHHH dad!!!! Mom and I were talking about it right before we left for NYC and dad walked in. He couldn't understand why we were laughing. "What? I did exactly like you said. She didn't make plans." 
The show  we went to was The Color Purple and we went to the matinee. We also really wanted to go to the Carnegie Deli because its always been a favorite of our family and it is closing for good at the end of the year. Mom and dad both thought they wouldn't be able to go one last time so this was a must! We went to the deli first but the line was huge. Instead of waiting and worrying about missing the show, we walked down 5th avenue and went to Rockefeller Center to see the tree. 

The tree doesn't look that great to me to be honest. It did look a lot better at night when you couldn't see how few and oddly shaped the branches are, but I didn't get a picture of that.
We went into Saks and I loved looking at the shoes! Dad amused himself by taking pictures.

Next we were off to the show. We walked through Times Square on the way to the theater and I was so excited to see the church's video for #LIGHTtheWORLD on on of the large monitors.

I really wish I had read the book or seen the movie before going to see the play. I knew nothing about it going in to it. It was a little hard to follow because it was mostly singing with out a ton of dialog. There was also no set or costume changes which made it hard for me to know when the scenes changed, The singing was fantastic! Overall I enjoyed it. The lady next to me had two young boys with her (I'd guess they were 5 and 7 years old). The whole time I kept thinking, wow this is not for kids!
After the show, we headed back to the Carnegie Deli for dinner. There was a line out of the door again but it didn't look too long. Looks can be deceiving because we still waited about 45 minutes to an hour before we were seated. It was of course worth the wait because the food was amazing.
 Dad's dinner (He only ate half of one half of the sandwich)
Mom's (she ate about half of hers)
I did take a picture of mine but I did it on snapchat (follow me khsunset46) and forgot to save it, but it was huge and delicious!
After dinner, mom really wanted to go to Macy's and because it was her day, we went. We walked down 5th Avenue again to see the store windows lit up.

This is a small part of the light show outside of Saks
How gorgeous are these lights outside of Lord and Taylor?!
On our walk back to the car we passed through Times Square again and I found more ads for the church for #LIGHTtheWORLD. It was so exciting to me! 
Another monitor showing clips of the video as well as a poster billboard right next to it. On the next building there was a gigantic poster billboard as well for mormon.org. It was the biggest billboard I've seen in my life. I don't know why I didn't get a picture! The light must have turned green or something! It was a great trip and mom is busy planning her next visit to NYC. 

I love you! Thank you for everything you have done for me. You are truly one of my best friends and I loved being able to spend the day with you and treat you for a change.
Happy Birthday!!!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Choose the Right Bulletins Part One

I have the week off of work and I am using my free time to get a head start on the bulletin boards for Primary next year. I originally wanted to use this idea for the main large bulletin board in the hallway, but once I got to church, I realized that the scale would not work for me. I wanted to print everything out because I have very limited artistic ability! I couldn't print anything large enough to make it look good, so I used my idea for the smaller bulletin board in the Primary room. I love how it turned out!!
I thought that I would write different ways that we can choose the right on the bricks, but once I put everything together, I liked it the way it was and decided against it.
I used a blue plastic table cloth and yellow wrapping paper both from the dollar store. The green grass, trees, clouds and poppies are just construction paper. The poppies and lettering were all done from a Sizzix. I found the images from a simple google search. The image of the temple is from susan fitch design

Now I have to come up with an idea for the large board. I do know what I want to do with my article of faith bulletin board, but I ran out of time today working on this one. I will post again when I finish it. (SEE BULLETINS PART 2 POST HERE)

Before I go, I want to share what I did with my article of faith bulletin board this past year because it would work so well for this next year's theme. I wish I would have waited...
CHEWS the Right!
I made a gumball machine out of poster board. Then around my gumball machine, I made gumballs with each of the articles of faith on them. Every time one of our primary kids passed off an article of faith, they would add a gumball (with their name and the article of faith number they passed off) to our machine. Then they could get a real gumball as their treat.
 I bought this gumball machine from Amazon. Its great because it takes any coin. We used pennies.
This is what our gumball machine looks like now that the year is almost over. I loved seeing our machine fill up through out the year! The only thing I would do differently is to keep track of what articles of faith each child passed off on a normal chart in my binder. I noticed towards the end of the summer that one valiant had passed off the same article of faith three different times because its hard to keep track using just the gumballs.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Light The World

This year, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints rolled out a new initiative called #LIGHTtheWORLD.
When we celebrate Christmas, we are celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. He was the perfect example to us. When He lived on Earth, He did so much service and we can too! The church is encouraging everyone to do one act of service everyday in December. I really wanted to encourage my primary kids to participate so I introduced the challenge to them on Sunday.
I showed the video to the kids first. Then I started talking about Christmas and why we celebrate (because it is Jesus' birthday). I asked the kids how they celebrate their birthdays (cake and presents). I asked them what they thought Jesus would want for a gift for his birthday. I asked if they thought He would want a new bike or an xbox. They laughed and said no! One kid in junior primary raised his hand and said that he would get Jesus new scriptures. When I asked how he would give them to Him, he looked confused and said, "I don't know!" That is when I suggested doing acts of service as a gift.
I gave each child a glass votive with a flameless tealight inside. I put one on the table in the front and turned off all the lights. "Is that light very bright?"
"No" I then told everyone to turn on their lights. One by one, they brought it up and put it next to mine.
"Is the table very bright now?"
I explained that each one of us can shine our light by doing service and making those around us happy. When all of us are doing service, together we can light the world! I challenged the kids to do service for someone everyday in the month of December.

At www.mormon.org you can download an advent calendar with different ideas of acts of service everyday. I really liked the idea of a calendar and wanted to create one for my Primary children. Lucky for me, I am a member of an awesome Facebook group for Primary Presidencies and several sisters had the same idea. I used many of their ideas and added some of my own to create this advent calendar using the same daily themes as the one from mormon.org.
 One day I will figure out how to make a PDF and share it here, until then, here is a picture of the calendar I made for my primary kids. I told them that if they colored in each day after doing service and then turned it in to me, I would give them a special treat.
In addition to the advent calendar on mormon.org, there are also videos for each day of the month. I love service and encourage all of you to take on this challenge!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Scripture Olympics

Every year, our primary has a pool party. This year, no one in the presidency had a pool and rather than ask a member, I thought it would be fun to have a different activity at the church. The original plan was to have a scripture hero party but I changed my mind to a scripture olympics activity because the summer olympics were happening at the same time and I am obsessed with the olympics!
Every table and family was assigned a color of the olympic rings, red, yellow, green, blue and black. Each table had a candy that matched the color. I was worried about finding a black candy besides black licorish (which is disgusting). Lucky for me they changed the wrapper of take 5 from red to black! 

We started with the opening ceremonies (an opening prayer). Every activity had a scripture story to go along with it.

We started with Moroni and the Title of Liberty. Each family made their own Title of Liberty.

Next the families rotated through the stations. 

We had a Liahona Scavenger Hunt run by the Post boys as part of their Faith in God. Families followed clues in their color which led them on a hunt throughout the church. Their reward at the end was a cute compass ring.

 My father was in charge of David and Goliath. He is a great story tell and he would get so into the story. Then the kids got a turn to shoot our life-size Goliath with a nerf gun. (I laminated Goliath so we can use him again)

 Another station was King Benjamin's Tower. It kinda turned into the Tower of Babel too when they would knock it down!

 The Ten Virgins Lamp Race. Kids would race each other picking up water in a bowl at one end of the table with a spoon and carefully bring it to the other end to fill up their "lamp" (cup).

 The last station was the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's sword relay. Teams would send one person to run to the sand bin and dig in the sand to unbury a "sword" (plastic knife) of their teams color. Then they would spin around with their head on a baseball bat and run back to tag another teammate to go. It turned out to be harder than expected to find the right color knife so it turned into a group effort.

After all of our stations we all met up together for Part the Red Sea Tug of war (videos to come)

We ate refreshments, got our gold medals and took pictures on our podium in front of our Titles of Liberty.

We had so much fun!