Sunday, March 29, 2009


I had a very interesting weekend. There was a small fire in our oven! The night before, one of my roomates made cookies for visiting teaching. Some of the dough spilled over and was never cleaned up. She never told anyone. The next day, i preheated the oven to 450 to bake frozen pizza. I knew it would take awhile to hea up, so i went to my room. A few minutes later i went to check it. The room was all hazy and smelled horrible. i was confused because i hadn't put anything in the oven yet. How could it be burning? I opened up the door and the spill was on fire. It was small enough to be blown out. It made me stat thinking about fire safety. There is only one smoke detector in the apartment and it is halfway down the hallway, no where near the kitchen. There is also no fire extinguisher. College students are notoriously bad cookers, shouldn't there be a smoke detector in the kitchen and a fire extinguisher somewhere in the apartment. Just my opinion.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My computer is back!

On February 21, my computer started to go crazy on me. I was working on a powerpoint presentaion for my language development class when the colors on the screen started to go tye-dye. then my computer screen just turned black. I shut it down and restarted it and it was fine for like 10 minutes until the exact same thing happened. I restarted it like 3 or 4 times before i gave up. An hour or so later, i tried to use my computer again. this time it wouldn't even let me go on to the log in scree. Instead it went black, then striped, then green. I had to call Dell and they sent me a package in the mail to ship my computer back to be fixed.
When I got the package, there was a paper in it saying i was responsible to back up the hard drive or remove it. It also told me how to remove the hard drive. Because my computer wouldn't even turn on anymore, i could back up my hard drive. So i treied to take it out. The trouble with that was that we had no screw driver. i asked some of the nearby apartments and couldn't find anyone with a screwdriver. So i bought a pack of 5 at the bookstore. The problem with those were that the screws were in so tight and it was too hard to get them out because the handles of the screwdrivers were so small. my thumb was red for three hours after from trying to unloose them. I even had Stratton try.
The next day I went back to the bookstore to buy one with a better handle. The problem with that was it was too big for the tiny screws. I didn't care about any of the documents on my computer, but i didn't want to lose my music or my pctures. But there i was running out of ideas to get the hard drive out. So i sent it with it in and prayed they wouldn't mess it up.
I got my computer back yesterday and everything is still there! I was a very happy camper, until i found out the sound isn't working anymore. Patrick told me he thinks he can tell me how to fix it, so i am not too worried.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cleaning Checks

I live in King Henry Apartments and once a month we have cleaning checks. Each person in the apartment has a list of things to clean, then the cleaning lady comes and checks it. If you fail, then you are charged $5 and they comeback the next day to recheck. If you fail the recheck, then you pay $20 an hour for a cleaning lady to come and clean it for you. We just had our 5th or 6th cleaning check and I failed. In fact, I have yet to pass one. They are so rediculously strict! The one time i failed because i didn't clean the front door properly, when in fact i scrubed the door with Softscub bleach for 20 minutes. The most frustrating part is that i keep the apartment clean on a regular basis. I do the dishes, empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, replace the toilet paper, mop the kitchen floor and wipe down the kitchen table. Every Friday after school, i go on a little cleaning rampage and clean the bathroom, vanity area, kitchen and living room. The apartment smells like lemons for two days. Yet I always fail cleaning checks. Grr

My blog

I have enjoyed secretly reading a lot of people's blogs over the past few months and I have finally decided to make my own. I am not married and i don't have any kids. I don't have a super interesting life. I am not married and i have no kids. But I will blog about my life anyway :) Feel free to read