Saturday, April 11, 2009


This week has been super crazy for me. Last weekend my family was in town. It was so great to see them again. I miss them a lot. We went to the Saturday morning session of General Conference. I had been inside the conference center for a tour before, but this was so much cooler. There were protestors outside which i expected. Paul seemed a little scared. He kept asking if people were protestors. I told him that only protestors will yell, members of the church won't. Our seats were amazing. We were in the middle of the front row inthe second section. The sound booth and the media people were right infront of us. Paul got his picture and name taken by 3 different photographers. His pictures were in the deseret news.
One of my favorite parts of conference was when we left. We walked through a huge crowd of protestors screaming and yelling. On the other side of the sidewalk, missionaries and members lined both sides of the sidewalk. They were singing hymns very softly. It was so cool. They were not singing loud, but it completely drowned out all the yelling. It was amazing.

The next day we went to visit family and friends. We saw our good friends Jun and Irin Daniels first. We had lunch at a great chinese buffet. Normally i don't like Chinese, but this was really good. We drove up to the newly dedicated Draper Temple together.
Then we went to my Aunt Jan's house for dinner. My Uncle Steve and Aunt T were there. It was the first time that I met T. She is so beautiful inside and out. I was invited to their house for Easter. I didn't even realize how soon easter was, tomorrow! I had no clue where I was going to eat, so I am glad I can spend it with family.

The Siblings

The whole gang

The cousins
The next day, Monday April 6, was my19th birthday. I was excited that my family was there. They were coming down to Provo. I was going to show them around school and take my mom to class with me while the boys bowled. Then we had dinner reservations at Bombarra, a nice restaurant in Salt Lake City. But when i woke up, I felt terrible. I had a sore throat and extreme stomache ache. It hurt to move. Whenever I stood up, my legs shook like crazy. Luckily, I started feeling better in the afternoon. We went to campus and class. Instead of driving all the way to Salt Lake, we went to the Old Spaghetti factory. I was really good and my parents had the waiters sing to me after I told them not to. My waiter apologized to me after and said he didn't have a choice. I was sad when they left for home, But I will be back in Jersey soon too.
After they left, i did nothing but work. I had a ten minute presentation and an eight page presentation due Wednesday. That was also the last day of my Physical Science final. On Thursday, i had a ten page paper due. Friday was a three page paper. Basically I didn't sleep at all. Ally McClain and her mom were in town this week. Ally came to my Book of Mormon class with me Thursday. It was great to see her again, a touvh of Linwood ward.
Last night was a nice break. It was my roomate sara's birthday. My roomies Anna and Lenny took us out to dinner for our birthdays. They made us were purple happy birthday crowns and blindfolded us so we wouldn't know where we were going. It was so funny. They are dorks but i love them. We went to Brick Oven. It was my first time there and the pizza was good, not nearly Kirk's or Mack and Manco's pizza standards, but still good. Anna made us a cake and almost set our table on fire, until Sara blew out all the candles early. They sang to us anyway and we blew out the remaining five candles. Then the waiters came to sing and made us stand on our chairs as they sang. It was embarrasing and fun at the same time.
Today, i finally caught up on my sleep, until 2 in the afternoon. Thats the longest I have slept without the aid of niquil. Today is also Patrick and my one year anniversary! Yay!

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