Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy Bee

I have been so crazy busy this summer! I have been working at my grandmother's two days a week. I am her caregiver. I go to the grocery store for her, pick up her perscriptions at CVS, and take her to doctor's appointments. I also do simple housework, like take care of her cat litter, do the dishes, make her bed ect. The best part is being able to spend time with her. We watch a lot of judge shows. We also watch days of our lives. Haha, i am actually getting into it too.
If my work at wawa and my grandmother's isn't enough, i am starting a nanny job. My mother and the bishop's wife has been visiting a less active member's house, Aruna. She has three children, a 10 year old daughter, Ciera, a 2 year old boy, Logan, and an 8 month old daughter, Alanna. Logan was premature and has severe Cerebal Palsy. Logan is the same size as baby Alanna. Aruna's husband works 4 days a week in New York, so he has a really long comute and isn't home much. My mom took me with her one day so we could help out. Logan loved me for some reason. He won't let my mom or sister bird hold him. And he would bite previous nannies, but he was all smiles with me. So I will be working there two days a week. I am exhausted all the time, but i am happy. I will be even more happy when i cut back my hours at wawa to only two days.
Mondays at Aruna's, Tuesdays at Grandma's, Wednesdays at Aruna's, Thursdays at Wawa, Fridays at Grandma's, and Saturdays at Wawa...Sundays off!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Common courtesy

Is it just me, or is no one taught common courtesy anymore. It is so frustrating. work at Wawa and see people all the time being so rude. I understand that you are on vacation, but that doesn't mean the world stops and that everyone now caters to you, honestly! People spill their coffee and even though their is napkins righ next to the spill, they walk away and leave their mess. People try to cut in line and the complain to the manager when they are not served right away. People also complain when their lunch meat isn't cut right away when we are in the middle of a huge lunch rush and i am in the middle of cutting 6 pounds worth of lunch meat for another woman.
Another frustrateing pet peeve of mine is long doctor appointment waits. I tok my grandmother to the footdoctor last friday. Her appointment was at 11am. We got there on time, maybe even 10 minutes early. We were not taken to the back until 11:45, 45 minutes in the waiting room. Then we waiting in our small room for another 20 minutes. Why do doctors have you scheduled at 11am when they have no intention of seeing you until after noon? What if we had something important to do that day? Not that we did, but I would much rather be sitting in her living room with he cat then sitting in a foot doctor waiting room. And its not just them, a lot of doctors do that. I was at a gynocologist appointment. I waited an hour and my doctor was in the roomless then two minutes. She asked me two questions and wrote out a pescription and that was it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No Phone

A week ago, my mom came into my room and said that she wanted to bet me that i couldn't go one day without my cell phone. i kind of freaked out. My cell phone is my life. I take it everywhere with me. I feel totally naked without it. I knew that it would be really hard to do, but i wanted to prove to her thati could do it. Then i turned around the challenge on to her and bet that she couldn't go one day with out her soda. We then spent the next hour or so discussing it and talking about what would be the hardest thing for everyone in our family to give up for a day. We realized that we have these little addictions to simple little things, like soda, tv, dirtbikes and cell phones.
I was in charge of the family home evening yesterday. I decided that i would present this challenge to others. But instead of presenting these things as addictions, i related it to something that was relevant to our life as a family, Audra. Audra is on her mission and is coming home soon. So i asked all of my family to pick one rule from the missionary guidelines to follow for three days. I am giving up my cell phone, missionaries can't text or call friends or family. Will is going to stop bike riding, missionaries don't ride motorcycles. Paul is going to stop watching TV, Mom is not going to watch Matlock and Dad isn't going to listen to Harry Potter books on his Ipod. Instead we will spend that time on reading our scriptures, writing in journals and listening to geeral conference talks. So for the next three days, i will not use my phone, its sitting on my dresser and is turned off. You can call the house if you need to getahold of me, or write me a comment on facebook. Lets see how this goes, hmmm...