Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No Phone

A week ago, my mom came into my room and said that she wanted to bet me that i couldn't go one day without my cell phone. i kind of freaked out. My cell phone is my life. I take it everywhere with me. I feel totally naked without it. I knew that it would be really hard to do, but i wanted to prove to her thati could do it. Then i turned around the challenge on to her and bet that she couldn't go one day with out her soda. We then spent the next hour or so discussing it and talking about what would be the hardest thing for everyone in our family to give up for a day. We realized that we have these little addictions to simple little things, like soda, tv, dirtbikes and cell phones.
I was in charge of the family home evening yesterday. I decided that i would present this challenge to others. But instead of presenting these things as addictions, i related it to something that was relevant to our life as a family, Audra. Audra is on her mission and is coming home soon. So i asked all of my family to pick one rule from the missionary guidelines to follow for three days. I am giving up my cell phone, missionaries can't text or call friends or family. Will is going to stop bike riding, missionaries don't ride motorcycles. Paul is going to stop watching TV, Mom is not going to watch Matlock and Dad isn't going to listen to Harry Potter books on his Ipod. Instead we will spend that time on reading our scriptures, writing in journals and listening to geeral conference talks. So for the next three days, i will not use my phone, its sitting on my dresser and is turned off. You can call the house if you need to getahold of me, or write me a comment on facebook. Lets see how this goes, hmmm...

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  1. Love the idea and that you are all committed!! Let us know how it all worked out. way to go Kellyn