Saturday, August 15, 2009


Vericose veins run in my family. My mother, uncle and grandfather all had them. And I do too. Yay for me (sarcasm!). Normally they show up during or after a pregnancy and with old age. It isn't exactly normal to have them at the age of 19, but when have i ever been normal? (don't answer that) I have had them as long as i can remember, but they didn't really start bothering me until 3 years ago. I went and got them looked at, but our family doctor didn't feel the need to do anything about it. He said they were fine. But in the past year, they have really started to hurt. So this summer mom and i decided to get them looked at again. Our insurance changed and we were able to go to the doctor that my mother went to with hers. His son was my doctor. We did an ultra sound to check them out. They were 4 times the size that the vein should be in both legs. Uncommon for someone my age. So we decided to go through the vein closure procedure. I started getting a lil light headed as he was telling me what he wass going to do during the procedure, so i am not sure of the specifics. All i know is that they were going to burn the vein closed but my leg would be numb from needles.
My right leg was first. It was originally scheduled for aug 10 and my left leg the 17th. But that would only leave me 3 days before the roadtrip out west. After the office got approval from the insurance, the surgery was moved up to fri. Aug 7. The thursday before, i had to take a pregnancy tet at lab corp then get an ulrta sound on my right leg to map it out for the surgery. The technition also drew a big black line on my leg as the map.
An hour before the procedure i had to take a valium and put a numbing cream on my leg. As i was about to put the cream on my hands, i realized my fingers wold get numb, so i quick put gloves on. After i was all ceamed up, i needed to wrap my leg up in plastic wrap, yeah i know, strange!

I wasn't nervous until i went into the surgery room (prolly the valium). I think it was the smell that got to me. I was told to put on a hospital gown and panties. That was weird. I can't remember ever wearing a gown before. And the little underwear was fitted really weird and was paper. I was glad when i was able to change back! I took another valium and layed down on the bed. The good thing about the bed was that it was super cushy and comfy. After i was prepped, they left and turned the lights off to let me relax before the doctor came in. I almost fell asleep. When the doc finally came he started telling me what he was doing, but i stopped him. I am a believer in ignorance is bliss. As long as i don't know anything to expect, i am fine. There were a ton of needle pricks that hurt, but it wasn't too bad. It was quick too, just 25 min. Then i had to put on my support hose and i was good to go. Yes, i am 19 and wearing support hose. My family called me grandma and gimpy all week! Custard hut after the surgery really helped me feel better! Monday's surgery went just as smooth. I have been in bed pretty much all week. I am not aloud to do any heavy lifting or running. Its been nice being able to sleep in, but i am ready to get out of this house!!!

My lovely bruise, it was a good5 inches long, i have another knarley one on my other leg, but i'll spare you pics

Over all pros and cons of vein closure surgery
1. get out of housework
2. food made and brought to you,eat in bed
3. naps
4. stay home from work
5.less leg pain later in life

1. support hose
2. boredom
3. pain
4. bruises
5. being called names, Gimpy, Gertrude, Grandma

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  1. so glad to hear that you were able to get those fixed. My cousin has them also. She was really young when she got them and I didn't know there was anything you could do about them. I will have to tell her!