Friday, December 31, 2010

Confessions round 11

1. I have never watched an entire game of football
2. I used to want to be buried on the moon when I was younger
3. I love sweat pants and would wear them every day if possible
4. When I first got my contacts, I would only put them in if classical music was playing
5. I had idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura when I was two and a half

Cute Video

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Confessions round 10

1. I have never watched any version of pride and prejudice
2. I always flush public toilets with my foot…I really think that they should put a handle on the floor to just step on, kinda like the trash cans you step on
3. I cant say no to ordering Chinese. My first day back to work from my weekend of vomiting, I ordered Chinese. I figured if I don’t get sick from this, I am def cured
4. I get motion sickness when I fly or go on boats but I can go on a roller coaster 10 times in a row and be fine
5. I cried when I found out Steve Irwin died

Saturday, December 18, 2010


This Christmas I decided to get crafty with my decorating. I look at other people's decorating skills and think, "wow,I wish I could do something like that." Then I decided, "hey why not?"

I tried extra hard to be careful wrapping the presents

The house after Will and I put up the lights

One of my mom's birthday presents came displayed in this cute sleigh, so I took it and decided to do something with it



My little tree

My nativity

The Kisseltoe I made

And last but not least my wreath. It came out a lot better then I thought. I just hope it stays together :)

Merry Christmas...Can you believe Christmas is just a week away!!! Crazy!!!

Confessions Round 9

1. I decide whether or not to stop at Wawa based on the amount of creepy guys standing by the doors
2. I don't like pancakes but Wawa's pancake, sausage, egg and cheese sizzlie breakfast sandwiches are my favorite breakfast food
3. I try to only buy my gas at a super Wawa
4. I wasn't intentinally making these confessions all about Wawa, but now I am
5. The only non-breakfast wrap I have ever eaten is Wawa's Chicken Ceaser Wrap, and I am totally obsessed! They are so yummy :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Confessions Round 8

***I totally forgot to do confessions this week! I have been trying to do them thursdays but I completely slacked off. Here you go

1. I really want to go on the Family Feud
2. I have total song ADHD. I get bored after about 20 seconds and change the song
3. I am addicted to farmville on facebook
4. Black and white movies bother me for some reason...I cant watch them
5. I swear I have restlest leg syndrome. I am constantly shaking my leg. I cant fall asleep without rotating my right foot counterclockwise. They get a little tingley after awhile if i dont move them at night

***Some grandma news....I come home from church today and there was a police officer coming out the front door. Grandma had called the police because her little flagpole with her snowman flag was not hung up. She thought it was stolen. It was in the garage the whole time. Will and I put up lights yesterday and we took it down because it was in the way, but I guess we forgot to put it up again. I never imagined she would call the police though!

As mentioned earlier, Will helped me put up christmas lights at grandma's house. Everytime I drive with her at night, she is always comenting on the lights on the houses and how pretty they are. So, I decided that I would surprise her an put up lights for her. I asked Will to help and he was more then willing to help. I wouldnt have been able to do it without him. Her ladder was stuck under the house and SUPER HEAVY!!!! I tried to move it myself and it almost fell on top of me. It was gross too. Really dirty. I cant count the number of spider egg sacks on it! YUCK!!!

The lights turned out pretty good. I wanted to do up the holly tree in the front yard but that thing is huge! There is no way I could have done that, so we just stuck to the house. I dont have my camera cord with me now so i'll post a pic later

***Today is my mom's birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Mom!!! I already got her a present with Audra(see previous post) but I wanted her to hve something to open on her real birthday and I saw this HUGE Whitman sampler at work. I couldn't not buy it for her! I love my mom very much and I hope she had a good day. She has done so much for me over the years!

***I finally have a doctors appointment about my shoulder tomorrow and I cant WAIT!!! Last Monday, I woke up with a killer pain in my right shoulder. I thought I jut slept on it wrong and that it would go away. It never did. The pain just got worse. Everytime i inhale I get a shooting pain in my shoulder. It makes no sence but its true. After 5pm it gets really bad. Patrick thinks I tore something. I just want the pain to stop!

***Last but not least, last night was our little holiday party for work. My boss Maria invited all of the managers to her house for dinner. It was so much fun. I haven't laughed that much in a while, which really hurt my shoulder. AShe is a great cook. I ate a ton! Three servings of ham and two of everything else. He house is really nice too! I learned a lot abouut my coworkers...somethings I could have gone without knowing, haha but it was great! I love my boss, and I am not just saying this because I know she reads my blog. She truely cares for al of her employees and takes the time to listen. I know that I can talk to her about anything, work related or personal. When I was in bed throwing up the weekend after thanksgiving, she called just to see how I was. I was scared to answer the phone cuse I was scared that Iwas gonna get in trouble for calling out, but she just wanted to check on me and see how I was feeling. She is by far the BEST boss I have ever had

***I think thats everything thats been happening lately. Have a great week everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Words i use way too much...
1. like
2. ridiculus
3. freakin
4. really
5. alrighty

Words that are fun to say...
2. goggle
3. serendipity
4. oxymoron
5. onomatopoeia

Words I don't like...
1. flesh
2. socket
3. supper
4. moisture
5. panties

Hard words to say...
1. Otorhinolaryncologist- ear nose and throat doctor
2. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia- fear of long words...ironic right?
3. Methylchloroisothiazolinone- a chemical found in cleaning products and shampoo
4. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis- a lung disease
5. Floccinaucinihilipilification- the estimation of something as valueless

What are some words you use a lot or dislike?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Great Savings

So we sell these little tvs at work and ever since we got them in, I have wanted one. There are cute and little, the perfect size for in the kitchen while I am cooking or baking. But they are $150 and I cant spend that much on a whim. But today I scanned my card at our coupon center and I got a coupon for $30 off the TV I had been eyeing. And it was on sale for $99.99 and it was the last day for the sale. I also had $10 in extra bucks from an earlier purchase...So I got it! I got the last 15 inch one for the same price.

I saved $50 from the sale
$30 from coupon and
$10 from my extra bucks...
thats $90 in savings! I got a $150 tv for just $60!!! I love great deals!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Confessions round 7

Here we go again :)

1. I don't like sandwiches
2. Sometimes when I am bored while driving in the car, I pretend the car behind me is after me...i am a total dork
3. I feel bad saying no to people
4. I only swam doggie style till i was at least 12 cause i was scared to swim
5. I have donated 10 inches of my hair to locks of love 3 times and plan on donating again in the spring of 2012

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What I wish I could tell customers

I cant count the number of times a customer has come up and asked a ridiculus question or request. I cant count the number of times I have had to grit my teeth and smile. There are so many things I wish I could tell customers but am too nice to...
1. If the sign outside the store and outside the pharmacy both say that the pharmacy closes at 9:00pm and its 9:45pm and the gate surrounding the pharmacy is up and locked and there is no one inside the pharmacy...its CLOSED! And no, I cant run back there to get your perscription. If it is such an emergency to get your perscription, why wait until 9:45pm to come pick it up?
2. Yes we have a photo lab, but no, we do not know how to work every camera in the world and no we do not fix cameras. We develope film and print pictures. If there is time and we are not busy, someone would be gad to look at your camera, but we cant guarentee we will know how to work it or be able to teach you how to work it.
3. You will occasionaly need to leave the island for some things. We do sell a lot of things but we dnt sell everything. And we are not responsible for knowing the closest place to buy everything and anything you might need.
4. If I am carrying so many boxes that I cant see over them, its probably not the best time to ask me something
5. We are not a bank
6. Please hang up your cell phone and watch your child that is running through the store knocking things off shelves
7. We have hundreds of products, I dont know the price of everything we sell off the top of my head, thats why we have a price checker
8. Actually read the sale signs, dont just glance and make up your own sale then get mad when the register doesnt match your imagination
9. Sale prices are with a CVS Extra Care Card. If you are looking through your purse for your card, the prices dont reflect the sale prce yet. Once you find your card ad I scan it, the sale prices will show, dont yell at me
10. We are not a grocery store
11. Please dont put the objects you no longer want on any shelf you please, put it back where you found it. If you cant remember where it was from, ask one of us for help
12. Our shelves are not trash cans, put your used tissues and coffee cups in the garbage, GROSS!!

Sorry, I needed to rant, I feel better now

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Confessions Round 6

1. I often say I don’t like something before I have ever tasted it because I don’t like the way it looks/smells
2. I have trouble watching TV shows on a weekly basis, I like to wait till the season is over then watch it in a marathon. I hate waiting a whole week to find out what happens next
3. I don’t like getting dressed. I usually spend at least a half hour in my towel after I shower.
4. I don’t like fancy chocolate, like Godiva, I’d take a Hershey bar over that any day
5. I love hats but I can’t wear them cause my head is too big

Sunday, November 21, 2010


On Friday, Audra and I took a little adventure. A few weeks ago when we went to Lititz PA to the chocolate store, mom mentioned wanting to buy a 10 pound chocolate bar but she had already spent too much money there. I thought that that would be a great present for her birthday. I looked online and they dont have the 10 pound milk chocolate bars on their website. I started thinking i would just drive there to get it. I mentioned my plan to Audra and she said she wanted to go too.

So we found a date that worked for both of us and told mom and dad we would have a sister day shopping.In reality, we drove to the Herr Factory in Nottingham PA, went to Shady Maple Shmorgasboard then to Wilbur Chocolate in Lititz. The Herr Factory tour was great!!! Free and it smelled soooo good. We even got to taste some chips right off the conveyer belt. I strongly recomend it to anyone. In the visitor store they sell Opps chips. They are bags of chips that have too much or too little seasoning, or weigh too much or too little. They sell them for half price, so I loaded up! I got Habanara flavored, pickle floavored, Ktchup flavored, BBQ Ribbs and a steak flavored. It was sooo weird cause they really tasted like ribbs!

Our next stop was Shady Maple for lunch. Whenever anyone in our family goes to the Lancaster area we always have to stop and eat here. Lunch is great. There were a lot more people then at dinner time, but the food was the same and the price a lot lower.

And last but not least was the chocolate store. It was the reason for the trip and also the shortest stop. That place sure smelled yummy too!!!!

Us outside holding the chocolate.

The whole time we kept thinking "I cant believe we are doing this! We are so sneaky" It was A LOT of fun. We were just so excited to give it to mom. Anyone who know my mom knows she loves chocolate. We knew it would be the perfect birthday present and one she would never expect. Especially cause we had to drive 3 hours to get there. The drive home we were debating on whether or not we should give it to her that night, or wait for her birthday (December 12) as originally planned. We decided to give it to her that night because we couldnt wait to see her reaction. I left my camera in the car so Audra recorded her opening it up. You can tell she is shocked

Happy early birthday mom! We love you

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Boo - The Cutest Dog In The World

I came across this profileon facebook. It is for a pomeranian named Boo. He is truley the CUTEST dog I have ever seen!!! I can't not smile when i see a picture of him. I want a dog soooooooo bad!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Night Confessions

One of these days i'll settle into a regular confession schedule, its been kinda random lately...Tonights are car themed...

1. I never remember to honk my horn, i tend to just yell at the offending car, not that they can ever hear me. The one time i did remember to honk, the guy backed into me anyway
2. I always take my keys out of the ignition and unbuckle my seatbelt when I get gas, always subconsciously
3. I’m not a fast driver, I’m a competitive driver. If I am the only one on the road, I naturally go the speed limit. But when there are cars in front of me, I tend to speed up so I can be in front.
4. I dont use my trunk, it has some water and a tire iron, nothing else, but my back seat is crammed with junk.
5. I get start to get really anxious when my car gets to half a tank of gas. I always stress that i am going to run out
6. I have no idea where the little stick thing to check my oil is under my hood, and if i could find it, i have no idea how to tell whether my oil is good or bad.
7. Out of all the things i did while working at Wawa, pumping gas was in the top 3.
8. I sometimes turn my radio up when i hear a weird noise and pretend i didnt hear anything, cause i know it'll be expensive
9. I have locked my keys in the car three different times, twice in my driveway and once at wawa
10. I think bumper stickers are tacky

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding plan update

I cant decide what colors i want. I have always wanted orange to be one of my wedding colors. Its almost always been a favorite color of mine. o i planned on orange yellows and pinks. But the i started looking at pictures online and doing other research and i really liked deep purple. So i thoght i would change to purple, orange and pinks. But the more I look and think aboutit i am really loving the deep purple and cream. I still love orange, but i think purple and cream/white, is a much more classic look. Here are some pics, mine will not be nearly as fancy

I also think that i am going to do my own flowers. Florists are expensive and the flowers die in a few days anyway. I want to save as much moneyas i can and only really spend on things that last, like photos and the dress. If anyone wants to help put together bouquets or centerpieces, you are MORE than welcome!! Here are some examples i like

and some centerpieces

And i have a few ideas on the cake. I want one layer to be vanilla cause thats really the only cake flavor that i really like. The rest can be whatever Patrick and my parents want. Design wise, i like the damask look with purple piping. ANd i dont want a cheesy cake topper. I would raher have a bow or flowers.

Research is fun, but i am excited to move forward to real planning, 297 days is a reallylong time to wait. If anyone has any suggesions or has useda baker or photographer they really liked let me know :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Baby Bob Marley

I saw this today and I thought it was so funny. Just ignore the guys talking, I dont support marijuana! But the kid is hilarious

More Confessions

1. I would much rather sleep an extra 10 minutes then eating breakfast
2. I have always wanted long black hair. Growing up, I loved Pocahontas, Jasmine and Esmeralda because of their hair
3. I used to have an invisible friend named Matthew, and I always said I’d name my first son, Matthew, after him…Patrick would never let me though
4. I am very easily convinced. When I was little, I watched an infomercial about a mop before school and begged my mom to buy it for me.
5. I drink diet soda not to save calories but because I think it tastes better

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Longwood Gardens

I love that place! Thursday morning the fam and i drove up to longwood gardens to meet our good friends, the Khuns. Early in the morning w weren't sure whether or not we would be going because it was raining. But after a vote it was decided we would go anyway. On the way up we watched Toy Story 3 (one of the best movies!).
Because of the rain, it was not crowded at all, which was nice. We each had an umbrella. Mom and i shared. Will's started to beak and fold up. He looked so funny holding it up.

We went into the Conservatory first because it was indoors.

They were having their Chrysanthemum Festival. This sheild is all from one stem! Amazing

The flowers were soooo pretty!

I think orchids have replaced calla lillies as my favorite flower

Me and Audra had a lot of fun taking pics

My camera battery died so i didnt get pics of the rest of the place but it really is gorgeous!!! I want to take a day trip with patrick there sometime in the spring.
After the gardens, we went to Lititz PA to go the the Wilbur bud chocolate store. Everytime we go to Lancaster we always make a detore there. Mom filled a basket to overflowing. It cost $101 for all the chocolate she got!

Then we went to Shady Maple Smorgasboard. So Yummy!!! I love that place!!! They have such a cool gift store underneath too. It was a fun trip! Next time lets go when its not raining

Saturday, November 6, 2010

More confessions

Enjoy :)

1.I can’t stand chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate or chocolate milk. And I would take vanilla cake with vanilla icing over chocolate cake any day
2.I haven’t blown dry my hair in two years
3.I love office supplies, I could spend hours in staples
4.I once set up a wedding registry at under the name Fiona Fields because I was bored
5.I am totally blind without my glasses or contacts. Seriously! I can only see things clearly if they are less then a foot from my face

Friday, November 5, 2010

I love...

SHOES!!!!!! And I have recently discovered a newsite to feed my addiction. It is amazing!!! Its called shoedazzle. All you do is set up a free account with your email and answer a few simple questions about your style preferences. Then a team of stylist and designers pick out a selection of cute shoes, bags and jewelry for your showroom. Every item is 39.95 and there is no shippingnd handling charge. The items stay in your showroom for the whole month and each month you get a new showroom. And ther is no pressure to buy. You are not charged a penny till you make your first selection. Then each month they charge 39.95 which goes toward your next selection. If you dont want to purchase anything that month just select "skip this month" and you wont be charged but if later in the month you change your mind, you can still buy. And once 5 credits build up not used they dont continueo charge your account til you use a credit.
I love this place!!! So far i have bought these

And i am seriously considering getting these...what do you think?

And anothergreat thing about this place is that for every 3 friends that make a purchase, you get a credit for shoes! So if yor interested check it out! No pressure to buy!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So touching

I absolutely love this video! It is so touching and i want to share it with you. Get tissues cause its hard to watch with out crying

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Mine was rather boring. I had to work :( It was the first year i have ever worked on halloween. I havent trick or treated in a few years, and to be perfectly honest i cant remember what i did last year for halloween. i have no clue! Since it was halloween i decided to wear my maffia costume to work. It was fun, but got itchy/uncomfortable as the night went on.
Last wednesday, we had trunk or treat at church. It was a lot of fun. I made mummy cupcakes for the cupcake walk. They were cute, but afterone night in grandma's sauna-like house, they got a little melty. I cant find my camera cord right now so i am stealing these from Audra's facebook

I decorate my trunk christmas style. Everyone does halloween decorations and it never specifies a theme so i did something different. Part of halloween is dressing in a different costume/theme right?

I was bacon

and Audra was an egg

and will was our cook :)

It was a fun night but the best part was that i had some candy leftover for myself :)