Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

This has been totally crazy!!!! We have had sooooo much snow these past few weeks! Its been nonstop! I feel like I am back in Utah! The first storm hit Jan 30. We got enough then that church was cancelled the next day. Then the next Friday we got hit by the BIG one. It started Friday evening (Feb 5th) and went well into Saturday. We got about 14-16 inches. Church was cancelled for a second week in a row! Something I can never remember happening in my entire life. My grandmother and I lost power for four hours on Saturday. I was a little worried when I realized that the majority of my food needed to be either cooked on the stove or heated up in the microwave. I ate cheez-its and liquorish for lunch cause that is all I had. To pass the time I read The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks. (Great book, totally recommend it!!!)
One of the hardest parts of the storm was knowing that I was not allowed to shovel. I have an ovarian cyst and my doc is worried about it twisting cutting off blood flow and possibly losing the ovary. So me and my grandmother were totally snowed in. If all that snow wasn’t enough, more hit the next Tuesday (the 9th)!! We got a break for a little bit. We were able to go to church this Sunday. But this morning I looked out the window and what do I see? Not popcorn popping on the apricot tree, MORE SNOW!!! I am soooooo ready for spring and summer to come!!!!
Here are some pics

The path I blaized onmy walk to Patrick's cause my car was snowed in

I thought these boots would be tall enough, i was wrong, the snow went up to my knees in some spots

Will and Paul playing while dad is hard at work shoveling
The rest of these photos I stole from my brother's facebook

The snow piled on the picnic table behind the house

Will and Paul playing in the snow

What happened to the top half of your body Paul?

The trees covered in snow, I think snow on trees are my favorite thing about snow sooo pretty!! But because we got so much, a lot of trees broke from the weight of all of it

My parent's home snow covered
Another downside of all this snow...a crack in my grandmother's roof. I came home one night to find this

We have a flat roof and part of it is starting to dip and cracks are forming around it. The water from the melting snow was dripping into the upstairs apartment kitchen and then down into our kitchen. We had a guy come to fix it. He put on a patch over the cracks but couldn't do much more until the snow melts and who knows when that will be...The leaking has stopped for now though

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  1. That is a CRAZY amount of snow!!! It sure looks beautiful though :) I am like you....can't wait to look out my window and see "popcorn popping on my apricot tree"
    This winter has been WAY TOOOOO long!