Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Teen Mom

I have been living with my grandmother and the tv in my room only has 14 channels. They are all news channels and then there is MTV, VH1 and BET. None of which are channels i normally choose to watch, but now i dont have much of a choice. One afternoon, MTV had a show called Teen Mom on. I started watching and got sucked in. Its about these four different girls who got pregnant when they were in high school and their stories of how they are dealing with it. One of the couples decided to give thier daughter up for adoption. It wsa really hard for them and they thought about her all the time. They were very excitied whenever they got pictures of her. It started me thinking.
As most of you know, i have a little brother, Paul, who was adopted from Souh Korea. I remember they day he arrived in our family. It was a very exciting day for all of us. he is turning 11 on thursday. I cant believe he is so big and old now. After watching teen mom, i have been thinking more about his adoption and his birth mom. He has been apart of our family for so long, i forget he is adopted sometimes. I realize now, after watching this show, how hard it must have been for his birth mom to give him up to a family on the otherside of the world knowing she will most likely never see him again.
I am so glad for her sacrifice. She knew she was too young to give him the life he deserved. Its hard for me to imagine how life would be if she had decided to keep him. I cat imagine a life without Paul as my brother. I love him very much and i am so glad that he is part of our family. He is a very lovable and spirited boy.

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  1. Adoption is a wonderful gift! Sure glad he is in your family as well. Just the small amount of time spent with him at Jan's house I could tell how awesome he is. CUTE CUTE BOY! Great smile too :)