Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cold Neosporin

A lot of people blog about their children. I have no children, but i do have an 85 year old grandmother that i live with who seems more and more childlike everyday. I thought i would share some funny stories about her and some things she says and does.
A few days ago, i was watering her flowers outside. When i was puttng the hose away, i accidentallly jabbed my finger on a branch of a bush and sliced my finger open. My hands were dirty from yardwork and i was bleeding. I didnt want dirt in the cut, so i went inside to wash it out. Grandma was eating lunch and saw my cut. She asked if i had anything to put on it. I had given my bandaids and neosporin to Patrick the other day. She said "I have some you can use, its on the bottom shelf" me:"The bottom shelf where? the cabinet in the bathroom?" she looked at me like i was crazy and said "no, in the fridge" Squezzing refridgerated neosporin is extremely difficult i might add. oh grandma, she is the only person i know to refridgerate neosporin. She also likes to put Cheez-its in the fridge. haha, she makes me laugh

Speaking of food...i was going through her kitchen cabinets cleaning outdated food out. I found a ton of cans from the 70's. At one point, she came in the room and watched me. I came across something that was best if used by 2003. I go to throw it out. She says, "I just bought that last week, its ok" 1. it went out of date 7 years ago and 2. she doesnt do the grocery shopping. She didnt beleive me when i told her it was bad, i had to show her and still then, she was extremely hesitant. It is so hard for her to get rid of anything.

Everytime i take grandma to dinner at my moms, she points out a section of the trees that were cut down. "wow, look at all those trees, they must have falln from the storm" "wow it looks like they were cutting firewood" "Goodness thats a lot of trees missing" eveytime it is something different, she makes me laugh

Everytime Patrik comes over, she calls him a different P name, Most of the time its Peter, sometimes Phil or Potter. She always gets the P part right.

There are so many other things but that is for another post :)