Friday, August 13, 2010

Road Trip 2010

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I know i am such a slacker!
Last summer mom, Audra and I drove in Audra's car out to Utah. It was a great trip. I have always loved road trips and it was a fun bonding experience for us girls. This summer, Audra needed her car back here. So Dad and I flew out to Salt Lake and the three of us drove back to NJ together. It was once again a lot of fun!

Dad, Chris, Me and Audra at the Lewis' the night before we left Utah

Utah is pretty in Summer!

Wyoming, not so much...BORING!!!!!

We stopped at the the Visitor's Center for the Mormon Handcart Treck at Devil's Gate. It was really in the middle of no where. I can't imagine walking to salt lake from there.

The license plate after only one day of driving!!! So GROSS!!!! One night I was driving and it sounded like it was raining but it was onlythe bugs running into the windsheild! Unbelievable!!

We stopp at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. It was something I always wanted to see. So cool! If you ever go I recomend renting the audio tour. Its only $5 a person and you learn a TON. Otherwise you just walk around looking at a carved rock.There aren't many signs.

doesn't this looklike a bear climbing up the mountain

Drill marks from the drills

The President's view, pretty huh

The final model. I think it would have been extra cool if they were able to finish it rather then just heads in a mountain. They couldn't because the integrity of the mountain.

Wall Drug

Double rainbow, the one was a full rainbow and it lasted a long time. So cool

Hehe 60 foot Jolly Green Giant in the middle of to love road trips!

Our last stop was at Kirtland Ohio. It was a little rainy so i didnt get many pics
We also stopped at the Jelly Belly Factory but i wasn't feel well and we weren't aloudto take pics on the tour. Unfortunatly i was feeling sick most of the trip. I haven't gotten ca sick in the longest time. Oh well, i still had a great time!

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