Monday, September 20, 2010

Rascal Fatts!!!!

Friday September 17th was my sister's birthday. We are both big fans of rascal flatts and i noticed that they were gong to be in NJ the day after her birthday. So naturally i bought us tickets for her birthday. Chris was intown thatweek so i invited him and Will. It was SOOOOOOO FUN!!!! By far the best concert i have ever been to. I had wanted to see one of their concerts for 5 years and they did not disapoint.
It was at the Sussquahanna Bank Center in Camden. I had never been there. So we made sure we left in plenty of time. We got there about an hour and a half early. The parking lot was crazy! It cost $25 to park. I had never been to a place where people have tailgated. It was bizzare. Everyone had huge coolers and lawn chairs and just chilled in the parking lot next to their car. The people in front of us even brought a grill and were grilling hamburgers. I felt very unprepared.

It was sooooo fun!!!!!The best concert i have ever been to by far!!!! Chris Young was the first performer. I hadn't heard of him before but he did a good job.

Kelly Pickler peformed next. She was really good. I always loved her when shewas on American Idol and it was so cool to see her perform live.

Then it was RASCAL FLATTS!!!!!!!! It was sooooo cool! They were celebrating 10 years of being together so they played songs from all of their albums including their newest single. It was awesome!!!

After the concert, we were stuck in traffic FOR EVER!!!!! Bumper to bumper for hours. It took us literally 30 minutes to get through one intersection! Guys were walking up and down the lines of cars selling tsirts. I bought one for Audra and myself out of audra's window. At 1 am, everyone i the car was sleeping and i was starting to drift too. I decided that i would stop at the next exit to get a soda and some candy to wake up. As soon as i thought that, the car started to shake. I pulled over and discovered that we had a flat! It took us a while to change it cause it wsa pitch black out and w only had a small flash light and a cell phone. We laughed the whole time though. Finally we were back on the road. We didnt get back home until 2am. It was a long night and i was exhausted but it was sooooooooo worth it!!