Thursday, October 21, 2010

I"m Engaged

Some of you might already know this but i thought i would make a real post about it. Patrick asked me to marry him. He has asked several times before but this time he had the ring to back it up so I said yes. haha. I was so excited!!! he isnt a big romantic so there isnt a real story to tell. It was just me and him in his bed room. We we talking then he just asked. But as unromantic as it was it was still perfect. If he had tried make it over the top and mushy and romantic then it wouldnt be him. I wouldnt be able to take that seriously. This was just right.
I was terrified to tell my family. Its not really a secret that they werent the biggest fans of our relationship, but it went over well. Telling his mom was the fun part. I have neve seen her more happy. She even started crying.

Planning has been fun. I have decided that i want my color to be dark purple, like plum or eggplant. Then my flowers pinks purples and oranges kinda like these

And we decided the date will be September 10, 2011. We wanted September so that we could save up money. When i saw 9-10-11 i thought it was perfect...i know i am a dork but he loves me anyway :)

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  1. Hey I didn't know you got engaged! Congratulations! Have fun planning!! DC temple? (Only the best temple ever! ;)
    And keep up those confessions--they are fun to think about, aren't they?! haha