Sunday, November 21, 2010


On Friday, Audra and I took a little adventure. A few weeks ago when we went to Lititz PA to the chocolate store, mom mentioned wanting to buy a 10 pound chocolate bar but she had already spent too much money there. I thought that that would be a great present for her birthday. I looked online and they dont have the 10 pound milk chocolate bars on their website. I started thinking i would just drive there to get it. I mentioned my plan to Audra and she said she wanted to go too.

So we found a date that worked for both of us and told mom and dad we would have a sister day shopping.In reality, we drove to the Herr Factory in Nottingham PA, went to Shady Maple Shmorgasboard then to Wilbur Chocolate in Lititz. The Herr Factory tour was great!!! Free and it smelled soooo good. We even got to taste some chips right off the conveyer belt. I strongly recomend it to anyone. In the visitor store they sell Opps chips. They are bags of chips that have too much or too little seasoning, or weigh too much or too little. They sell them for half price, so I loaded up! I got Habanara flavored, pickle floavored, Ktchup flavored, BBQ Ribbs and a steak flavored. It was sooo weird cause they really tasted like ribbs!

Our next stop was Shady Maple for lunch. Whenever anyone in our family goes to the Lancaster area we always have to stop and eat here. Lunch is great. There were a lot more people then at dinner time, but the food was the same and the price a lot lower.

And last but not least was the chocolate store. It was the reason for the trip and also the shortest stop. That place sure smelled yummy too!!!!

Us outside holding the chocolate.

The whole time we kept thinking "I cant believe we are doing this! We are so sneaky" It was A LOT of fun. We were just so excited to give it to mom. Anyone who know my mom knows she loves chocolate. We knew it would be the perfect birthday present and one she would never expect. Especially cause we had to drive 3 hours to get there. The drive home we were debating on whether or not we should give it to her that night, or wait for her birthday (December 12) as originally planned. We decided to give it to her that night because we couldnt wait to see her reaction. I left my camera in the car so Audra recorded her opening it up. You can tell she is shocked

Happy early birthday mom! We love you

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