Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Night Confessions

One of these days i'll settle into a regular confession schedule, its been kinda random lately...Tonights are car themed...

1. I never remember to honk my horn, i tend to just yell at the offending car, not that they can ever hear me. The one time i did remember to honk, the guy backed into me anyway
2. I always take my keys out of the ignition and unbuckle my seatbelt when I get gas, always subconsciously
3. I’m not a fast driver, I’m a competitive driver. If I am the only one on the road, I naturally go the speed limit. But when there are cars in front of me, I tend to speed up so I can be in front.
4. I dont use my trunk, it has some water and a tire iron, nothing else, but my back seat is crammed with junk.
5. I get start to get really anxious when my car gets to half a tank of gas. I always stress that i am going to run out
6. I have no idea where the little stick thing to check my oil is under my hood, and if i could find it, i have no idea how to tell whether my oil is good or bad.
7. Out of all the things i did while working at Wawa, pumping gas was in the top 3.
8. I sometimes turn my radio up when i hear a weird noise and pretend i didnt hear anything, cause i know it'll be expensive
9. I have locked my keys in the car three different times, twice in my driveway and once at wawa
10. I think bumper stickers are tacky

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