Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding plan update

I cant decide what colors i want. I have always wanted orange to be one of my wedding colors. Its almost always been a favorite color of mine. o i planned on orange yellows and pinks. But the i started looking at pictures online and doing other research and i really liked deep purple. So i thoght i would change to purple, orange and pinks. But the more I look and think aboutit i am really loving the deep purple and cream. I still love orange, but i think purple and cream/white, is a much more classic look. Here are some pics, mine will not be nearly as fancy

I also think that i am going to do my own flowers. Florists are expensive and the flowers die in a few days anyway. I want to save as much moneyas i can and only really spend on things that last, like photos and the dress. If anyone wants to help put together bouquets or centerpieces, you are MORE than welcome!! Here are some examples i like

and some centerpieces

And i have a few ideas on the cake. I want one layer to be vanilla cause thats really the only cake flavor that i really like. The rest can be whatever Patrick and my parents want. Design wise, i like the damask look with purple piping. ANd i dont want a cheesy cake topper. I would raher have a bow or flowers.

Research is fun, but i am excited to move forward to real planning, 297 days is a reallylong time to wait. If anyone has any suggesions or has useda baker or photographer they really liked let me know :)

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