Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What I wish I could tell customers

I cant count the number of times a customer has come up and asked a ridiculus question or request. I cant count the number of times I have had to grit my teeth and smile. There are so many things I wish I could tell customers but am too nice to...
1. If the sign outside the store and outside the pharmacy both say that the pharmacy closes at 9:00pm and its 9:45pm and the gate surrounding the pharmacy is up and locked and there is no one inside the pharmacy...its CLOSED! And no, I cant run back there to get your perscription. If it is such an emergency to get your perscription, why wait until 9:45pm to come pick it up?
2. Yes we have a photo lab, but no, we do not know how to work every camera in the world and no we do not fix cameras. We develope film and print pictures. If there is time and we are not busy, someone would be gad to look at your camera, but we cant guarentee we will know how to work it or be able to teach you how to work it.
3. You will occasionaly need to leave the island for some things. We do sell a lot of things but we dnt sell everything. And we are not responsible for knowing the closest place to buy everything and anything you might need.
4. If I am carrying so many boxes that I cant see over them, its probably not the best time to ask me something
5. We are not a bank
6. Please hang up your cell phone and watch your child that is running through the store knocking things off shelves
7. We have hundreds of products, I dont know the price of everything we sell off the top of my head, thats why we have a price checker
8. Actually read the sale signs, dont just glance and make up your own sale then get mad when the register doesnt match your imagination
9. Sale prices are with a CVS Extra Care Card. If you are looking through your purse for your card, the prices dont reflect the sale prce yet. Once you find your card ad I scan it, the sale prices will show, dont yell at me
10. We are not a grocery store
11. Please dont put the objects you no longer want on any shelf you please, put it back where you found it. If you cant remember where it was from, ask one of us for help
12. Our shelves are not trash cans, put your used tissues and coffee cups in the garbage, GROSS!!

Sorry, I needed to rant, I feel better now

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