Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Confessions round 27

1. I have still not seen the latest Twilight movie Breaking Dawn
2. I always thought The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was about an asian girl
3. I used to make Patrick give me a dollar everytime I was the bartender and got him a soda from the fridge. I need a raise now that I have become his cook and waitress
4. I have recently started playing foursquare and am the mayor of two places :)
5. I know if I will have a niece or nephew but I wont say until Audra tells me I can

Monday, December 26, 2011

Locks of Love

I chopped all my hair off!!! I still can't really believe I did it! It was my fourth time donating and the fifth pony tail donated.
The fist time I donated, I was in 5th grade and my mom made me do it. I was so upset when she told me that I had an appointment to cut off 10 inches of my hair. I cried myself to sleep for days.
The second time I donated was 7th or 8th grade, I don't remember exactly. One of my teachers set up a Locks of Love event at the school and would ask me to donate everyday until I finally agreed. I felt guilted into it.
Then in 11th grade I decided on my own to donate. That time, the woman that cut it said that it was thick enough for me to make two ponytails from it.
My hair had gotten very long since then. I had planned on donating again but I kept putting it off. After the wedding, I had been thinking about it a lot. This may sound odd, but I always feel guilty when I have long hair. I love love love long hair!!! I want my hair to be super long, but everytime that it gets long, I feel guilty if I keep it and don't donated. My hair had grown the longest it ever had been and I couldnt stop thinking about donating.
Then one day, I had the TV on as I was doing stuff around the house. There was nothing on so I put on my backup channel, The Style Network. Jerseylicious was on, which I hardly ever actually watch. The episode that was playing was one where the salon did a Locks of Love event. Then the very next day on the radio, they were talking about a man who grew out a mullet and then donated it.
To be thinking about it a lot and then hear about it several times in the media, I felt that it was time and I made an appointment.
Here are the before pics

And the after!!!!!

Big difference! To be perfectly honest, I am NOT loving it. I think it is too poofy the way its cut, and I have to straighten it to make it look good. its more work even though the work takes less time. With long hair, I culd just brush it and go because the waves looked good, but with it short it waves funny and looks dumb. And she took off more hair then she said.

With10 inches off it should have hit a few inches below my shoulder and thats about were it was after it was cut and then she just kept cutting.
But everyone tells me how good it looks so I am going to take their word for it.
Everytime I want to complain about it, I think about the little kids that dont have any because of cancer. The reason I donated was for these kids. When I was two, I had a health scare and the doctors thought I had Lukemia. I often wonder what if I did. Cutting my hair to help improve a sick little girls life makes it worth it!
I takes 6-8 ponytails to make a wig. The wig is custom made for a child up to age 21. Tese wigs are vaccume sealed to the childs head. The only thing that would break the seal would be the child moving her temple a certain way. That means she can style it, shower with it, and even swim in it. It becomes like their real hair!
I have donated 5 ponytails so far. I am just one away from donating enough to make a wig. Ithink that would be awsome! After tha last one, I will grow out my hair for me and not feel bad about it!!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Its amazing how quickly getting married and getting an apartment empties your bank account! We are trying really hard to save money. Well I am trying really hard, it comes easy for Pat. And there have been some surprise bills.
I knew we would need to pay rent, gas, electric, cell phone, car insurance, internet and TV. And I knew we needed a security deposit for the apartment. But I had no clue we would need to pay a security deposit for gas and electric! And apparently it is not a flat rate. It depends on a lot of factors. The fact that we live in a upper class neighborhood and that the previous renter didnt pay their bills, our deposit is a lot higher then usual. So on top of usage and fees to turn it on, we have to pay $150 extra for three months for electric. UGH!
Then my stupid car's starter decides to stop working on thanksgiving so that was another $170 for the part and I am lucky Pat knows about cars and installed it.
So naturally, no shoedazzle for awhile. I do have one credit left but thats it for a few months. I am going to be really picky about that last pair of shoes. They need to be perfect! But there have been some ups to.
Last month I wrote a blog post about my annoyance with Comcast. Someone from comcast read my post and left a comment saying he was sorry about my experience and wanted to know more and asked me to email him. I thought, what the heck, and emailed him all about the problems we had. I left him Pats phone number if they wanted to know more. The next day, Pat calls from work saying comcast called him and said they were sorry for the inconveniences we had and that they would like to give us a credit towards our next months bill.
I thought it would $20 because that is the ammount they say on their commercial that they credit to your account if they are late to your appointment.
Well that bill came today. I handed it to Patrick without opening it and went into our bedroom. I hear him say "holy crap, you did good!"
"How good?" He hands me the bill. Ammount due $3.08!!!!! We were credited $116!!!! YAY!!!!
Comcast, if you are reading this...THANK YOU!!! You made my day! :) You think the gas company would give me a credit if I told them the man let himself in to the place while i was naked in bed?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Confessions Round 26

1. I always eat in bed, our dining room table is more like a prop
2. I really only wear makeup on Sundays to church, I have gotten so lazy
3. I have a big nail polish collection, but work is so rough on my nails that I don't bother to paint my nails
4. Patrick and I are not exchanging presents for christmas this year
5. I wish I could paint my apartment.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I feel old. As a kid, my christmas list was always full of toys or clothes or electronics for me. I never understood why my mom would always say something for the house whenever I asked what she wanted for her birthday or for christmas. But now that is totally me. This is what I would love to get for christmas

-Trash cans
I have a big trash can for thekitchen and a little one that is either in the bedroom or bathroom depending on what time of the month it is. I would love to have two more small trash cans so that I can have one in the bathroom, bedroom and office

-Paper towel holder
I never thought I would want one of these, but I have no where to really put paper towels. The roll looks a little ghetto just laying on the counter

-Dish drying rack
I have a mat to dry dishes on, but it would be nice to have a rack so that my dishes could lean on smething and not just lay flat. I think they would dry faster that way

-Drying rack for clothes
My dryer is teeny tiny and doesnt dry a lot or very well. I'd like to save the electrity and heat and just use a drying rack sometimes

-A tan microdry bath mat for the kitchen
Bed Bath and Beyond has these great microdry bath mats and I have one for outside the shower and a contour one for arond the toilet. But I would love to get the larger on to put by the sink in the kitchen. I am in there quite often and it would be nice to have a soft comfy mat to stand on while cooking and cleaning ect.

The bedrooms dont have lights. They have ceiling fans that dont have lights so we need lamps to light the rooms.

-Wildfire season 4
This one would be just for me. It is one of my all time favorite shows! I have the first three seasons on DVD and have been waiting years for the last season to come out and they just announced its release. It can be preordered on Amazon

-A meat tenderizer
I realized I dont have one of these when I was cookng some chicken one night

A fancy clock
I dont know why, but i have always wanted a big oversized clock

this next one would be fun for the kitchen, it would match my giant fork decoration perfectly

And a shoedazzle gift card would always be nice...haha

As promised

I finally took pics of the place as it is now. Warning there was no cleaning before I took these dont judge me

The kitchen-I went a little crazy and put a red bow on every knob. Pat thinks they are dumb, but I think they are festive :)

Dining room area- just out of the frame are a bunch of shoes and empty boxes

Living room- Sorry the first pic was so dark
We have our tree up. Pat found a fake tree with lights on it as he was going through his storage which i was happy about. And still no couch. It is coming though one of these days

Hallway- Wedding pics are up. One day I hope this wall is full of pics of friends and family and babies but for now its just wedding pics

The guest room- I moved all of Pats stuff back into the guest room so I could take over the other room after I got a desk. It is all shoved in the corner. The closet in there is full of boxes and decorations.

My "office"- This room was supposed to be Pats game room, but then he decided to take over the living room instead. So I made it a storage room. But then I decided to take it over. I put a desk in there for my computer and printer. sewing machine and craft stuff. My church clothes and all my boots are in the closet. I have a huge mirror in there and all my makeup, jewelry and hair stuff. I also have a little stockpile from couponing.

Last but not least, and for sure the messiest, is our bedroom
This is his side of the bed and my dresser

My side is considerably more messy!!! Its bad I know

We dont make our bed very often. If I am working in the AM, I leave before he wakes up, so I dont make the bed and niether does he. If I close or have off, I try to make it, but I watch TV or go on the computer a lot in bed so sometimes I dont bothering making it

I really love my closet!!! It is the only thing that is really organized!

So that is that for the apartment pics :) Now that its mostly done, I want to have my family over for a nice dinner (I don't have enough chairs though, so Paul will have to sit on the ottoman), Then have a lunch or something for friends. ButI really need a sofa first!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Dazzling December

Its crazy that it is already December!!!! I love this month! I love the Christmas season! and I am not yet sick of winter...come January I am ready for spring, but now I love the change of weather. And with a new month comes a new Shoedazzle showroom. I am totally loving mine! I am requesting alternatives so I can look at more but I already love what I have! What are your thoughts?

This shoe was a Black Friday early release and I scooped it up! How Cute!!! I have always loved wedges! They are just so much sturdier then your average shoe and way cute! I also have been really loving leopard print this season so mix of the two=perfection!

This shoe is just like the shoe Temptress that came out in August. I bought temptress but it was too small, the glitter would shed and catch lint and stuff and there was major toe cleavage which I don't like so I sent them back. I have read lots of reviews about this shoe and it seems like they fixed those problems. Heres hoping! I ordered them!

I recently sent a pair of shoes back and as soon as my credit appears on my account, I am ordering these babies! Its an over the knee boot which I really want a pair. And I like that the whole thing is slouchy so it wont look funny when there are wrinkles or creases around the knee. And I like tha it's cream colored. Its different then the average boot

This boot is so hot! So classy and luxurious! Love the buckles!!!

This boot is faux fur. It kind of reminds me of leg warmers. But I sort of love it

On to bags!!!!
Very classy, Very glossy. Perfect for carrying a laptop around!

Unbelievable Class!!! LOVE!!!! The quilted look is one of my favorites! Very Chanel

Did I mention everything here is just $39.95 with free shipping both ways?! Any of these looks strike you too?! Sign up for Shoedazzle with my link and recieve 20% off your first purchase.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving in

This move has been rather stressful! The move itself was rather last minute and crazy! I had done a few trips over the weekend from storage after work. There was no electricity so we could only bring things in during daylight and it has been getting dark early so I couldn't get too much done. We just piled everything up in the kitchen. Then Tuesday night after work, I moved the rest of the stuff in my storage unit with the help from October and my dad. patrick was at his mom's with his friend Kevin packing up the TV computer and the bed. After Dad left, Kevin, Pat and I were left with a mountain of boxes, bags and plastic bins. I was toally overwhelmed. Pat set up the TV computer and Xbox and I started going through boxes. Then we moved the rest of the stuff out of the kitchen and living room into the smallest bedroom so we could just shut the door and not have to look at it all the time.

I wish I had pictures right after we moved everything in. It was nuts! We didn't have enough bins so I quickly dumped a few that were filled with clothes in the middle of th floor in the bedroom. Then I realized I needed to move it so the mattress could go in so I shoved it into the closet. No joke it was a solid 5 by 4 by 3 foot mountain!

Mom came over the next day to help me. I loved having my mom there! She reminded me that my kitchen things are all new and should be washed before putting them away. She did loads and loads and loads of dishes wih no complaint. She was always asking what I needed her to do. It was kind of weird to me. Mom has always been in charge of the kitchen and part of me still wanted to ask her where I should put things and what I should do. The next day, my project was tackle the closet and food shopping. I have been trying to coupon and have been doing good! At ACME, I saved over $95 and only spent around $110!
Here is how the place is as of this moment
Kitchen- Everything is away. I have been making adjustments to the placement of things but I am happy with it.
Dining area- Chairs are at the table, but the table is covered in stuff still and can't really be sat at to eat. The table and chairs need to be refinished but I prolly wont do that until spring. Until then I am using a tablecloth to cover the bad spots. The Dinet cabinet has been put together. I put inside our nicer china and plates, placemats and chargers. I have decorated it with my christmas village and other christmas stuff.
Living Room- TV, computer, xbox and booksheles are all set but we still need to get a sofa. We have been using 2 office chairs.
Hallway- Wedding pics are up!!!! Games and coats are in the closet along with the vaccume and steam mop.
Bathroom- Everything is shoved in the cabinet under the sink and its a total mess with absolutely no organization!
Small bedroom- Closet has Fall/easter decorations. All of Pats stuff and boxes take up half of the room. Random decorations for the living room and my printer and sewing stuff and just random crap is all scattered over the floor
Our bedroom- Almost done!!! Still need the bedroom set, the mattress and boxspring is sitting on the floor.
The guest bedroom- twin bed is up. Christmas decorations are all over the floor. The closet has my overflow of clothes including my church clothes, summer clothes, boots and Pats suits and dress shirts. I am going to get a desk i there for my printer and sewing machine and all my craft stuff.

There is a lot of work to do still but it really is coming together, which I am thrilled about. Patrick said the other night, "This place is starting to feel like a home" which is the best compliment he could ever give! I feel like as a wife my job is to make the house a home and I have been stressed to get everything together! I would take current pics, but I am comfy in bed and about to go to bed...I'll post some tomorrow...if i remember ;)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Confessions Round 25

Its been a long time since I posted some confessions

1. I waited to hang my wedding pictures up til Pat was away at work because he didnt want me to use any nails

2. I feel like I will never catch up on my laundry with this teeny tiny washer and dryer

3. Patrick is much neater then I am. He always does the dishes immediately and always picks up his clothes.

4. I am missing a box with wedding presents and I have no clue where it would be. I know I am missing 3 wooden spoons,4 cutting boards, an iron and a butter dish for sure and I dont know what else

5. I have been having frequent panic attacks and i think its because my apartment is such a mess still from the move

Monday, November 21, 2011


***Warning*** This blog post is PG 13 read at your own risk...don't judge, you are the one taking the time to read this.

So I had the most awkward, embarrasing, oh my goodness thing happened last week. Patrick woke me up Wednesday morning before he went to work to tell me that the gas man would be coming. He told the gas man that he had left a key under the mat because he would most likely come after I went to work. I fell back asleep after he told me. About a hour late I wake up...to the sounds of a man walking around the apartment. The gas man had come super early. Normally I would be happy but not that day. That day I was in bed with my bedroom door wide open, the control panel in pain view of my bedroom door, a strange man was in the apartment...and I was completely naked. Cool.
The night before I couldnt find my PJs because my clothes were split into like 6 boxes so I just said screw it and went to bed in the buff. Hey I am a 21 year old newlywed on my first night in our first apartment.
But now I was in quite a situation. I quickly yanked the covers up to my eyes and pretended to be asleep. When I could tell he was in the kitchen, I wrapped the duvet around me and dashed into the corner and threw on the closet tshirt and sweat pants. When I went out to the living room, the gas guy wouldn't look me in the eyes...cool.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Sorryfor the lack of posting lately. We have been busy with the move. And we just got internet and TV today. We decided to go with Comcast and Pat ordered it Monday. He paid extra for overnight shipping of the install it yourself cable boxes. We didnt get the stuff til Wednesday. Then after we he set it up, we tried to activate it, there was a problem. He called and was transfered to literally 8 different people before being hung up on. After calling back, yelling at a machine and being transfered 3 more times, he got a hold of someone who knew what they were doing. Comcast never came out to set the outside box up and wouldn't be there until Saturday (today). Pat was annoyed no one told him about that when he ordered. Whats the point of rush shipping just for them it sit around for three days and not be able to use them. So we were refunded the shipping. And the guy was also a gamer. Pat and him were talking about Battelfield for a while. Then the guy gave us the fastest speed internet for only $10 extra (usually $50-70 extra) a month and HBO and Starz free.
I am just happy to have internet and TV again...not that i missed much with out them.

Another post about the move and my most embarresing moment ever should come soon...

Friday, November 11, 2011


So we chose an apartment and got approved!!! The lease starts the Tuesday the 15th, but Dave said we could start moving stuff in if we want. I took some before pics. There is no electricity yet and it was getting dark so the lighting is not great

Half of the kitchen

The other half. I love how many cabinets there are! But that closet is kind a useless, the water heater is in there

Standing in the kitchen looking into the dining area

The living room

part of the living room and the hallway

Closet in the hall

Stackable washer and dryer in the other closet in the hallway. Both washer and dryer are super tiny!!! I will have to wash each sheet seperately

The smallest bedroom

The second bedroom. The last bedroom was too dark to take a pic, but it is identical, only like 4 or 5 inches smaller. It has the same size closet too.

The bathroom was really dark and this was taken with the flash on my phone.

I am excited to show some after pics next week :)