Friday, January 14, 2011


Here are some updates for you

* We have had a lot of changes in Primary. We have a new Presidency. I am still the secretary and have been very busy updating all the paperwork. I am still teaching, but my class has changed. I teach the CTR 6,7 and 8s. Its a LOT more challenging then my other class. They are great kids, dont get me wrong, but their attention spans are so short! I get two words out before losing them completely. Last week I was wishing I had some duct tape, to tape them to their chairs and tape their mouths shut. I just need more patience.

**I am no longer babysitting for the Biels on Thursdays and Fridays. I knew she was having a baby and that I wouldn't be babysitting all year. But then her doctor wrote her out of work 5 weeks early. I am sad to not see the kids but it will be nice to have a day off of work that is really a day off. I am also going to be working for my grandmother on Thursdays for some extra cash

***I have officially started saving money for a wedding dress. I want to go look at dresses in April while Audra is here for break. And I want to have money saved so that if I find something I love, I can get it.

****I have decided that instead of bubbles or candy, I will do something meaningful with my money. I decided to donate to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Patrick was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes when he was two years old so I thought that this would be the perfect charity for us

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