Friday, February 25, 2011

I need your opinions

So I found a chandelier for a centerpiece that I LOVE. And it has four 3 inch bases for candles, preferably taper candles. I am totally in love but i am not sure what to do about the candls. The church does not allow lighted candles. So I could do flameless or just a regular tapered candle and just leave it unlit. I like the flameless but for 2 11.5 inch candles, its $12.50. Thats $175 for all the candles i would need. I could go with a shorter 6inch flameless thats $5.95 for two. Its still over $80. But if i go the way of a normal taper candle it is a whole lot cheaper! But would it look dumb if i leave it unlit? What do you think?

On another note, a friend of mine sent me a link to a place that makes fortune cookies with custom fortunes. I need help thinking of some. leave a comment with some of your favorite sayings or quotes.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

back to number 13

I skipped the number 13 on my confessions count

1.My favorite part of spring/easter is Cadbury creme eggs. I am so glad we started selling them at work in Janury
2. My biggest fear about getting married is not being able to find a place to live
3. Lately I have to remind myself/force myself to eat. I have onlybeen eating one meal a day
4. I was a huge fan of twilight when the first book came out and no one had heard of it, but once everyone went crazy I am so over it…and Robert Pattinson is in my opinion one of the ugliest guys, I thought that back when he was in Harry Potter too
5. I buy a cherry coke almost every day

Blast from the Past

I have a very obsessive personality. I go through a lot of phases and give myself projects that I can't think about anything else until I finish it. My latest project has been copying my baby pictures. A few months ago, my mom made me a supe cute photo book from snapfish. It had a lot of pictures from when I was little. But I recently decided that I want copies of all of my baby pictures. I want to be able to show my kids. So I started going through all of my mom's photo albums and picking out a bunch of my favorite pictures. I took them into work and scanned them onto cds. It took frever and I am almost done. There are a few more that I need to scan at my dad's school. I also need to look through the pictures saved on my parents computer.
I love having these pictures. Each one brings back a wave of memories, things I never would have remembered, like my pocohontas bookbag. Here are a couple good ones
In my grandmother's kitchen she had this cage for her boxer Tuffy and whenever I would visit her house, I would always play in the cage and pretend that I was a dog
This is a picture taken during Nursery at church, Its me, i have no clue, Erin Miller, Cassandra Murrey, Alisha Bird and i think the end is Zach Garrel
We used to have a garage attached to our house. My parents decided to build a seperate two car garage and turned the attached garage into a playroom. It was exciting for us kids to watch the workmen
Mom had the idea to put our handprints all over one of the walls in our new playroom. I remember dad painting my hand and how cold and gooey the paint was. We the all signed our names on the wall in purple crayon. I wa only three so instead of writing my name I drew three cross looking symbols. When I was a little older and knew how to write my name, I took a purple crayon and wrote my name. I got in trouble for writing on the wall
This was one of my favorte toys. Its a little dog that you can cut its hair. I remember my mom putting it on the very top shelf and one day when I wanted to play with it, I climbed up to get it and it was gone. I think she was sick of toy dog hairs all over the house
I was not happy when Will joined the picture. (I have since warmed up to him) I did NOT like sharing my mom and dad.
I posted a bunch more pics on my facebook

LADY GAGA - Born This Way (Cover)

This girl amazes me!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I think I need professional help...

...with weddng flowers!!! So originally I was thinking i would do all the flowers myself to save money. I could buy all the flowers in bulk and just put them together. I did some research about what arrangements I like and what types of flowers I like. I landed on off white hydrangeas, dark purple calla lillies, lavender roses and cream/ off white roses.

Really pretty right?! Then I did some research on what that would cost me, almost a grand! and thats just the centerpieces! So then I started thinking about fake flowers. Is that cheaper? Is that way too cheezy? What if I mixed real and fake flowers? UGH so many decisions.
And then there is the bouquets and boutonniers. I dont think I am any where skilled enough to make one that looks nice. The place that I was looking at for bulk flowers will put together bouquets and stuuf in a package deal. I could get a bouquets for me, my made of honor, 2 bridesmaids and a tossaway bouquet, a boutonnier for Patrick, 3 groomsmen and one extra and two corsages for $402. But I would have no clue what it would look like til it arrived a few days before the wedding. There are a couple pics on the website, but it just seems shady to me.
So I have come to the conclusion that I may just need to go to a florist. A friend of mine who helpe out with her brother-in-laws wedding said that they went to enchanted florists and told them they only had $500 and how many bouquets ect. they needed and they did it. The flowers looked really great too! I dont need as many as she needed so hopefully the price will be ok.I really have no money! I just want flowers for me, Audra and my two bridesmaids, boutoniers for Pat and his groomsmen and my dad and Chris, Will and Paul and a corsage/boutonier for mom, Cindy and grandma.
When I was telling Patrick all my ideas he told me I shold grow my own roses. He told me seeds are really cheep. I just laughed, but he was really serious! Once I get my tax refund, I will make some appointments at a few different florists. I still think I am going to do my own centerpieces. I stumbled across and amazing website have gotten so many great ideas! I have like 4 different kinds of centerpieces I like! I will prolly change my mind fifty more times though!

I thought this was kinda cool too! with a purple light and maybe some roses or orchids in the water. And in the church we cant light candles, so could do a flameless or something else maybe

Forget the lamp shade, but i like the hieght with a simple flowery branch. Maybe I would put a little light in the peebles so it would glow.

I think I have decided that I like a mix of both tall and short centerpieces. I just need to decide which ones I like

I realize this is prolly totally over the top, but i like it! maybe with some crystals, candles or flowers haning from some of the branches

These flowers are really cool! They are sola flowers hndmade of tapioca wood! I think they are awsome!

I want these birdcages to put any cards in. Different then a satin covered box!

***And I have registered!!! At bed bath and beyond. It was a lot of fun! I left Pat at home cause he hates shopping. I had two different girls helping me out. One got me started but when she went on lunch another came to walk the store with me. She was great and knew a lot about all the products. Their boss Kathy would check the registry in her office and occasinally come down to give me tips or yell at me. She had a fit when she saw the amount of towels i registered for (6). "how many people will live in your house?" 2 "how many days of the week are there?" 7 "how often do you want to do laundry?" once a week "Whats two times seven?" 14 "So why on earth are you only registering for 6 towels?!" I'm sorry but i dont get a new towel after every shower! Is that weird? or is she just crazy germaphobe? I registered for more to make her happy. They also went to town selecting napkins, placemats and napkin holders. They totally just spent a good half hour making different combonations and just signed me up for like 4 of each after i just said it looked nice. Luckily I can go online and make all the changes I want! You can check it out online too. Just go to and select the bridal and gift registry at the top. Enter my first and last name and it pops up. If you prefer shopping in the store, just go to any bed bath and beyond and ask at the customer service desk or bridal regisry area for a copy of my list. I think you just need my first and lsat name but my registry number is 12044886. It doubles as a great birthday wish list too (April 6)haha.

***I also picked out my bridesmaids dresses!!! I found them on and fell in love.

I loved the color and shape, very flattering onmany different body types. The material is listed as jersey and I have a dress out of the same stuff which I love (I wore it to church last sunday for anyone with a freakishly good memory). It was a great price, oonly 62 and it was 20 percent off! Can't get any better right?!But then the dress I ordered for Audra came in the mail...OMG BAD!! The material is a lot thicker then I thought so it doesnt lay down like the picture. The color is also different and the sleeves are crazy puffy. There is also a ton of room in the breast area. It is also huge!!! It said hey ran large but holy cow its so big! The medium was like a XXL. I brought it over to my mom and dads to see if it is all in my head. They thought it was fine. My dad said his favorite part was the sleeves which is my most hated part. The more i wore it, the less i hated it, but I still dont love it. I went back on to the site to read the reviews and they all said the same things i thought. I am going to send them back. I am going to make sure to check any review before purchacing!! Its annoying because I thought I could check this off my list, oh well. I am going to check out this place in Vineland that I have heard has some great stuff. I also found some other cute dresses online, all with good reviews! Here are some

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lucky number 14

I have been such a slacker with a capital S!!
1. I miss Bill Nye The Science Guy
2. I somehow managed to accidently call a sex hotline at work when I was trying to call the 16th street CVS
3. I am extremely competitive but I wont say a word in case I lose
4. I don’t think I ever believed in Santa Clause, and I am not going to tell my kids that he is real. Its too much like lying.
5. creeps me out!