Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blast from the Past

I have a very obsessive personality. I go through a lot of phases and give myself projects that I can't think about anything else until I finish it. My latest project has been copying my baby pictures. A few months ago, my mom made me a supe cute photo book from snapfish. It had a lot of pictures from when I was little. But I recently decided that I want copies of all of my baby pictures. I want to be able to show my kids. So I started going through all of my mom's photo albums and picking out a bunch of my favorite pictures. I took them into work and scanned them onto cds. It took frever and I am almost done. There are a few more that I need to scan at my dad's school. I also need to look through the pictures saved on my parents computer.
I love having these pictures. Each one brings back a wave of memories, things I never would have remembered, like my pocohontas bookbag. Here are a couple good ones
In my grandmother's kitchen she had this cage for her boxer Tuffy and whenever I would visit her house, I would always play in the cage and pretend that I was a dog
This is a picture taken during Nursery at church, Its me, i have no clue, Erin Miller, Cassandra Murrey, Alisha Bird and i think the end is Zach Garrel
We used to have a garage attached to our house. My parents decided to build a seperate two car garage and turned the attached garage into a playroom. It was exciting for us kids to watch the workmen
Mom had the idea to put our handprints all over one of the walls in our new playroom. I remember dad painting my hand and how cold and gooey the paint was. We the all signed our names on the wall in purple crayon. I wa only three so instead of writing my name I drew three cross looking symbols. When I was a little older and knew how to write my name, I took a purple crayon and wrote my name. I got in trouble for writing on the wall
This was one of my favorte toys. Its a little dog that you can cut its hair. I remember my mom putting it on the very top shelf and one day when I wanted to play with it, I climbed up to get it and it was gone. I think she was sick of toy dog hairs all over the house
I was not happy when Will joined the picture. (I have since warmed up to him) I did NOT like sharing my mom and dad.
I posted a bunch more pics on my facebook

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