Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bargain Shopper

I am officially in love with Bed Bath and Beyond clearance items!!! A couple weeks ago I was browsing their website and checked out the clearance tab. I found these great plates at an amazing price. They are white porcelain plates with a gold band. You get 12 of them for only $6.99!!! Here is a pic from the site, I have my own too with the whole set up, but I lost my camera cord it the disater that is my room.
I ordered the large dinner plates and the soup bowls because that is what I would really use. I also got gold charger plates, two sets of 6 for $5.99 a set. I was so excited!! Then a week later, I went back to get the smaller salad plate because it was just such a good deal! But it wasn't there anymore. Then about a week later (I visit this site too much) I was looking at the regular dinnerware and there it was, still at the clearance price so I got the salad plates. I also got two more sets of 6 chargers this time in a deep red. And I got placemats on clearance for $0.89 each so I bought 6 gold and 6 red.
I am so in love with my plates! They are not microwavable and handwash only, so they will be my special occasion plates. I love how simple and classic they are! and how cheap I got them!! Some china sets are like $80 for just one place setting! I got 12 place settings for less then $22!

Then this week, I went back onto the sight to look for bedding. I saw one I liked on clearance, but it was still $99 and I do have a good 6 months before I need it. I decided I would check ut the real store to see if there was something I liked even better. I went to the Mays Landing store yesterday and there wasn't anything too striking.
After Pat told me he was going to hang with his buddy, I decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Anthropologie. The closest one is in Marlton, an hour drive for me. I had self control and only bought a cute apron. On the way home, I passed a Bed Bath and Beyond there. I decided to flip a u turn and quickly check it out. It was 8:40 so i knew they would be closing soon. In the back of the store, they had a display of products super cheap that were broken or missing items. Each had a yellow tage explaining exactly what was wrong. I saw a really cute bedset that was only $29.95. Under the explaination part it said DNC. I had no clue what that meant and asked a saleswoman. She said it was Do Not Carry. That particular store doesnt sell that particular set so they were selling it super cheap. I asked if $30 was right and it wasn't really $299 and i was reading it wrong. When she said it was $30 I had to buy it. It has a comforter, a bedskirt, two standard shams, and a whole sheet set all for 30 bucks!!!
Tonight when Ilooked it up online, It retails on the sight for $149.99. I saved 120!! I am excited!

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  1. I love a good deal! Oh and I remember seeing a camera charger in the kitchen last week-unless you moved it since. :)