Friday, March 25, 2011

Escort Cards

My wedding topic today is place cards. For a long time I thought that I would just let all my guests seat themselves. I thought that it would make the wedding a lot more casual. And it would be a lot easier for me too. But the more that I think about it, the better it would be for everyone if I assigned tables. I want my guests to feel comfortable and not have to worry about finding a place to sit. I have been trying to think of different ways to set up the place cards. Here aresome ideas that I like the most.
A simple board hanging each card

Trees or branches with the place cards hanging from them

A chalkboard with a list of who is at each table

playing cards with the number on the card being the table number you are at

A big elegant framed list that almost looks like a menu

I like the math cards in the corner. The answer to the math problem is the table you sit at

An antique frame around the place cards

What do you guys think?

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