Thursday, March 31, 2011

I can't decide

When I first began planning my wedding, I planned on having a ceremony in the church with a reception right after in the church's gym. I startd to rethink it though. Partly because while I like the idea of being totally the center of attention, when it comes down to it, I find it uncomfortable. And I would need to decorate the chapel. And after the ceremony, there is typically an hour where the couple takes photos and the guests attend a cocktail hour. Well there is no where really at the church to take good pictures, maybe a couple places outside. And since there will be no cocktails, what will everyone do while they wait?
So I came up with the idea of a very small ceremony on the beach that would be family only. I liked the idea because the beach would be great for pictures and I like the idea that it wouldn't be alot of people staring at me. And we could take a limo or trolley to the church to meet all the guests for the reception. The downside to this is that on the beach, there will be a lot of tourists that are just walking the boardwalk that would stop and stare. And you can never predict the weather. And in Sept it still might be hott. And I would need to rent chairs and get a licence/pemission. And I don't want my guests to feel left out.
So now I am thinking having a ceremony on the beach with everyone then a reception right after at the church. I just dont know!!! What do you guys think? I started a poll to the right so all my readers can vote

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