Thursday, March 17, 2011

"I'm not really supposed to be here right now"

I did something really crazy yesterday!!!I bought a wedding dress!!!!!
I went to Patrick's after work and hismother and Aunt were there. I was talking to them about the wedding. Aunt Sue asked if I had picked a dress yet. "No, not yet" "Have you looked at all?" "No, I was going to wait until my sister comes home to look" Then she told me that David's Bridal was having their huge bridal gown sale. I just put it to the back of my mind. That night, I went to Michaels because I had a great coupon that was about to expire and there had been some things I had been meaning to get. On the way I passed Davids Bridal. I thought about stopping in just to look, but I decided against it. Then the whole time I was in Michaels I kept thinking about it. I thought 'It wouldnt hurt to just look at the sale dresses'
So I stopped in. There was a desk up front but no one was there, so I just walked up to the racks and started looking. I grabbed a couple I liked and went to the back where the dressing rooms were. I asked one of the consultant if I could try them on and she opened a door for me. They were nice but i didnt love any of them. Back to the racks I went. A different cunsultant, Jai, came up and asked if I needed any help. I asked what dresses were part of the $99 sale and she showed me how i could tell from the tag. As I was choosing a few more, the first consultant came up and asked if I had a consultant, I said no. Then she aske if I had registered up front. no. I had been doing it all wrong.
She took me to the desk and filled out some paperwork. Jai came and took me back to the dressing rooms. She gave me this bra/corset combo and put me in a few dresses I had picked. The first one was ok. I liked it, but i wasn't 100% sold. The second dress was amazing and the third was horrendous. She had me put on the second dress again and I totally loved it!!! The tag said it was originally $599.99 and on sale for $449.99. I had been saving up and knew that I could do it, but it was still a little higher than I hoped. She had me put on a few veils and I fell in love with the one and decided to get it all. I was going to do the layaway plan but when she rang it up at the register, the dress was really on sale for 299.99! Amazing. The veil however was 200, who knew veils were that much money.
It was very exciting, but the whole time, I kept thinking I shouldnt be hee, I shouldnt be doing this. Everyone asked me where my family and friends were and thats what I told them. I am not supposed to do this for another month.
I called my mom as soon as I left. She sounded a little dissapointed at first. But we are going to pick it up when Audra is in town, so they will be the first to see it. And instead of going dress shopping, mom is setting up a ton of appointments for cake testing and some accesory shopping. I am so excited!!
The dress is strapless, so I will need to get some sort of coverup. I also need to get some spanx. And because Patrick is a little shorter then me, I need to get some cute flats. The height difference doesnt bother me, but he hates it.

Everything seems to be coming together. I have almost everything for the centerpieces. The dress and veil have been purchased. The bridesmaids are picking out thier own dresses.I have all the invitations. I still have a LOT to do though. I need aphotographer for both the engagement and the wedding. I need a cake. I need a florist for the bouquets. I need a DJ and I need food. I will be going to a bridal convention in wildwood, so hopefully that will help me decide!

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