Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Facebook annoyances

I have begun to delete people from my facebook because the things they post are starting to get on my nerves...here are some of my facebook pet peeves
1. When girls post pics of themselves in a bathroom mirror wearing just a bikini...I have zero desire to see that

2. When people watch a football, baseball or hockey game and update their status every 2 minutes! If I cared what was happening in the game I would watch it...yes, support your team, but get of fb and watch them

3. When people constantly complain and put down their boyfriend, girlfriend or ex as their status

4. major FDA(facebook display of affction). I am talking about people who literally post gushy things about how wonderful their man/girl is in EVERY STATUS. We get it already, you "love" them

ok mini rant over...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Audra and eyes

Last week my sister Audra was in town. So goes to school out in Idaho so I was excited to spend sometime with her. We went to dinner together Tuesday night, then we did some shopping at the mall and found the cutest dog at the pet shop.
Wednesday, we walked the boardwalk a little and had lunch at Mac and Mancos. The waiter there was a little strange. As soon as he came over he told us how good we smelled, which was fine. But then he would tell us everytime he came over and would lean in and smell us...awkward.

Thursday was the big wedding cake shopping day. Our first appointment was at The Cake Lady in Marmora. We had a tasting there and each cake was sooo good. Next was The Bake Works. They were really good too. It was getting hard to choose. Then we drove an hour to a place in Vorhees that my mom was super excited about. He would only do four different types of cake but there were over 20 fillings to choose from. And the guy seemed so arrogant to me. And there were only three designs to choose from. The other places had a wider variety and really just wanted to make us happy and would customize everything for us. Audra decided to go with the Cake Lady and I choose the Bake Works. I think I will get a basic yellow cake with chocolate ganache for the bottom layer, red velvet with cream cheese frosting on the second and the canoli (a yellow cak with chocolate chips mixed in and a canoli frosting) on the third. The top will be for our one year anniversary and I haven't decided what I want on that yet. I wont do my seconf consultation untill june so I may change flavors by then.
By te end of the day, I was feeing a little sick from all the sugar. We walked off some of the calories by shopping in the Depford Mall.
Friday, I picked up my wedding dress from Davids Bridal. Mom was embarassing and made Audra and I stand outside so she could take pictures. Audra got a crystal/pearl headband and I got a lace cover-up for my dress. Mom took a ton of pics, but they are all at my parents.
Saturday the whole fam went to Lancaster. We went to Shady Maple (best shmorgasboard ever), litiz (whilbur chocolate) and shocking...more shopping at the outlets. The drive home was crazy rain and wind. There were times when we couldnt see the road in front of us. Patrick had my car for the day because the Jeep was broken, so my parents were going to take me home. But because of the weather, they didnt want to driv more then necessary. So I slept over their place. I had bought a new skirt so Ihad church clothes for the next day. But I had no contact case or glasses which brings me to my next story...
I have sept in contacts before so I wasnt worried. But around 4:30 in the morning, I woke with a pain in my eyes. I took Audra's contact solution into the bathroom and rinsed each on before putting them back in. The pain didnt stop. I am blind with out them and had no where to put them. After a half hour I was getting desperate. I went to the kitchen to find to cups to fill with slution to put them in. When I went to take Will's solution (Audra's was running low) I found an extra case. But removing the contacts made no difference. And as it became lighte outside, the pain was getting worse. At one point, I went into the bathroom, shut off the nightlight and curled up on the floor in the complete darkness, covering my eyes to try to protect them but it still hurt. I was crying for three reasons, pain, frustration and naturally trying to fix the pain. My dad fund me on the couch and brought me back to grandmas. Audra took care of my Primary class. The car ride was awful. the sun was so bright and covering my eyes was not enough. As we went in my room, my dad said "I can't see anything in here, its so dark" me on the other hand couldnt see anything because it was blindingly bright. He gave me a blessing and told me to call him if I needed anything or decided to go to the hospital. I turned the light off, shut the blinds and curtains and draped 2 brown towels over my window. It was still so bright that I put a pillow and the blankets over my head. By 9:30-10am there was no change so I called Dad to take me to the hospital. I let work know that I may not be able to come in. By 11am I was feeling better and didn't have to hold my hands over them. By 2pm I had slept a little and felt better. They were still light sensitive and painful and red but because there was no one to cover me (they called every store in the district) I was not going to make Jaimie work a 15 hour shift. I went in to work feeling like I had gotten those eye drops that enlarge your pupil and like I hadn't slept in 3 days. Surprisingly I made it throught the night with only one crying meltdown from pain.
The worst part was that I had volunteered to take Audra to the airport early the next morning. She needed to be in Philly at 4am, so we left at 2:30am, so after work I took a 3 hour nap. My eyes still hurt, but the night made it a little better. i came home at 5am and slept until 2pm. When I woke up the red was almost all gone as well as the pain...the moral of the story, NEVER SLEEP IN CONTACTS!!!!!


I won again!!! Monday afternoon I saw that I had a voicemail on my cell. It was from a company called global lifestyles asking me to call them back today to claim my vacation that I had won. I was very confused. I had never heard of that company and I never entered a contest like that. I called the number that was left and recieved an answering machine. After a half hour they called back. It turns out that when I registered for the Wildwood Wedding Convention, I was automatically entered for this contest. Patrick and I were one of the couples chosen in our area. All we needed to do was go to a meeting in a hotel and fill out a simple survey. In return we would recieve a free one year membership to Passport to Value, which is over $1000 worth of coupons of our choice for groceries, entertainment, travel and dining. We would also get 20%-40% off any of their products at the meeting. And best of all a choice of 2 wedding bands worth $600 or a 3 day 2 night vacation at an all inclusive beach resort in either the Bahamas, Mexico or the Dominican Republic.
I was excited but leary. You cant really get something for nothing. So I dragged Pat out with me to the meeting. He would only go if his buddy Doug went too. When we got there, there were only 4 other couples. They gave us a little survey to fill out. Then we sat through a major sales pitch for a set of pots and pans. I have always been very easily swayed into buying things so by the end of the hour and a half I was sold.
Ken, the man running the show, is a nutritionist and was showing us all of the typical cookware types, glass, teflon (non-stick), aluminum, cast iron, enamel and stainless steel. He showed us a bunch of articles about the chemicals used in them and how the materials are porous and the pores open with heat letting in germs and close as it cools. So the germs just sit in there until you heat up the pan again and let out all the germs into your food. Yuck. I was kinda grossed out at the end because it is true and basic science. And did you know that aluminum cookware, such as Calphalon, is illegal to sell in several countries including France, Germany and Brazil. It rubs off into your food as you are cooking so you are ingesting all of it.
He also talked about how we typically go about cooking our food is actually killing all of the nutrients in them. Broccoli for example, when I cook it, I cook it in boiling water and when I drain the water, it has a greenish tint. Water boils at 212 degree farenhiet. Nutrients are killed off at around 120 degrees. One women brought up steaming veggies. Well steam comes from boiling water and is actually hotter.
The great thing about these pots is that they are a mix of 24 different metals sandwiched between two layers of surgical stainless steel (the most sanitary metal because it has no pores). And it is waterless. You just put the veggies in and put it on medium heat and put on the lid. There is a whistle that will sound when it reaches the proper temp and you shut odd the heat and shut the valve for 5 min then its ready. It cooks food faster, more efficiantly and keeps all the nurtients intact!!
Another cool feature is that the lids hook onto the pan so you dont need to worry about all that condensation an the table. The lids can also act as a trivet.
And the pans are stackable.
Ken made thanksgiving dinner, turkey, rolls,potatoes, veggies and all on one burner in only an hour and a half! And with the whistle you never need fear burning.
And when you recieve your set, you call up the company and they will send someone to come to your house and cook your first meal for you. All you need to provide is a beverage, they bring all the food!
When the company brought the 17 piece set to Macys to be priced, Macys was going to price it at $6998.00 because of the quality and the lifetime warrenty. The company decided not to go with it and just sell it themselves which kept the cost at $2400. And with the showroom sale, they would give it to us for $1500. And If we bought any size set, we would be able to have both the rings and the vaca free! I was really excited until I heard the price. 1500 is still a LOT of money! Patrick looked at me when it was over. I said that if I was going to get one, I would choose the 10 piece set. His response was "the 17 piece is only 200 more so we might as well get that". I was shocked! He is very cautious and skeptical. He is also rather frugal. The only thing he spends money on is food, dt mt dew, bills and a video game every other month. And he was the one that was totally ok with it and encouraging me to get the more expensive one. When I told him my concerns, he was telling me all of the benefits. So we decided to get it. Crazy right!!
But we do get $600 in wedding rings, $1000 in coupons and a vaca worth at least $1000. So it sort of evens out...i am def rationalizing. The next day, I was totally stressing about it. Its a lot of money! and Patrick wasnt worried which was throwing me off. He was getting on my case for spending 40 on a new purse, but he encouraged me to get the 1500 pots and pans?! how does that work. After talking to him about it, he told me that his family wants to pay for it for our wedding gift so I feel loads better.
I cant wait til they arrive!!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Its starting to come together

Yesterday, Mom and I met with the Enchanting Florist in Tuckahoe. I went in with a budget of prferably less then $300 but o more then $400. They took me back and showed me a lot of flowers and kept asking me what I thought. I think that they wanted me to be a little more opinionated.
I told them that my colors were ivory/cream and purple. I wanted more color in my bouquet and mostly white for the bridesmaids. I like roses, hydrangeas, calla lillies, orchids and I am not opposed to carnations. But in my opinion, they are the proffesionals and they know alot more about flowers then me!
We settled on a hydrangea with white and lavander roses, a dark purple flower that I cant remember the name of and lavander freesia and some others too. It will look beautiful. I am so excited!!! The only bad thing is that today, I realized I forgot the flower girls, which will be the little girls I babysit, Kylee and Ryan. I also will need a boutenier for the ring barrer...who I still need to ask, Patrick's baby cousin Luke.

And this week, Audra is coming home!!! I am excited to see her. I have four days off which will be great. Thursday, mom, Audra and I will be gong to several bakers for cake testings. I think that this is going to be my mom's favorite part. I am not too picky when it comes to the cake.
Patrick is diabetic so he could care less. I just want one layer to be vanilla because thats my favorite. Mom can choose the rest. I have never been a fan of icing or fillings, so mom can pick thoose too. I love the look of fondant, but it tastes gross and is expensive. I am thinking of getting a small cake and supplimenting with a sheet cake.

Also this week, I get to pick up my dress!!! I am so excited for my mom and sister to see it. Last night I watched a Say Yes to the Dress marathon on TLC. It made me want my dress so much more. I am almost completely done with my wedding attire. I will have my dress, veil, garter and shoes. All thats left is a cover up jacket and hair accessories.

Patrick and I have been talking about the honeymoon. I had talked to one of mydad's coworkers who is also a travel agent. She found a bunch of all-inclusive resorts. The one that I like was a 4 day 3 night stay in Mexico for only $720 a person. But when I told Patrick, he suggested we go to Florida because his family had a house there and we wouldnt need to pay for a hotel. Its in St. Petersburg Fl, close to Tampa. He says its right on the beach and only 20 minutes away from Busch Gardens. He wants to drive down but I am all about flying.

On another note, Patrick found us a place to live. That has been one of my biggest fears from the beginning. Its the only reason I chose September because knew we would be able to get a winter rental if nothing else opened up. Its a duplex in marmora between route 9 and stagecoach. Pat knows the owner who comes into the hardware store all the time. It is being remodeled at the moment and wont be ready to move into until October or November. We will get first choice in either first or second floor. Pat wants the first floor because its a two bedroom and comes with a basement and one car garage. I am so excited to have my own place...well our own place. I cant wait to have a kitchen and be able to use all of the cabinets!

Thats enough of an update for now, I have to plan my lesson for primary tomorrow

Confessions 17

1. I am now 21 years old. Although I dont drink, nor do I have any plans to do so anytime soon, its nice to know that I dont have any legal age restrictions anymore

2. I am one of the clumsiest people I know, I injure myself daily

3. I am completely in awe and fascinated by the show Extreme Couponing on TLC

4. I hate doing the dishes...I'd rather scrub the toilet then do the dishes

5. I change channels everytime a commercial comes on and the remote is near me.