Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Audra and eyes

Last week my sister Audra was in town. So goes to school out in Idaho so I was excited to spend sometime with her. We went to dinner together Tuesday night, then we did some shopping at the mall and found the cutest dog at the pet shop.
Wednesday, we walked the boardwalk a little and had lunch at Mac and Mancos. The waiter there was a little strange. As soon as he came over he told us how good we smelled, which was fine. But then he would tell us everytime he came over and would lean in and smell us...awkward.

Thursday was the big wedding cake shopping day. Our first appointment was at The Cake Lady in Marmora. We had a tasting there and each cake was sooo good. Next was The Bake Works. They were really good too. It was getting hard to choose. Then we drove an hour to a place in Vorhees that my mom was super excited about. He would only do four different types of cake but there were over 20 fillings to choose from. And the guy seemed so arrogant to me. And there were only three designs to choose from. The other places had a wider variety and really just wanted to make us happy and would customize everything for us. Audra decided to go with the Cake Lady and I choose the Bake Works. I think I will get a basic yellow cake with chocolate ganache for the bottom layer, red velvet with cream cheese frosting on the second and the canoli (a yellow cak with chocolate chips mixed in and a canoli frosting) on the third. The top will be for our one year anniversary and I haven't decided what I want on that yet. I wont do my seconf consultation untill june so I may change flavors by then.
By te end of the day, I was feeing a little sick from all the sugar. We walked off some of the calories by shopping in the Depford Mall.
Friday, I picked up my wedding dress from Davids Bridal. Mom was embarassing and made Audra and I stand outside so she could take pictures. Audra got a crystal/pearl headband and I got a lace cover-up for my dress. Mom took a ton of pics, but they are all at my parents.
Saturday the whole fam went to Lancaster. We went to Shady Maple (best shmorgasboard ever), litiz (whilbur chocolate) and shocking...more shopping at the outlets. The drive home was crazy rain and wind. There were times when we couldnt see the road in front of us. Patrick had my car for the day because the Jeep was broken, so my parents were going to take me home. But because of the weather, they didnt want to driv more then necessary. So I slept over their place. I had bought a new skirt so Ihad church clothes for the next day. But I had no contact case or glasses which brings me to my next story...
I have sept in contacts before so I wasnt worried. But around 4:30 in the morning, I woke with a pain in my eyes. I took Audra's contact solution into the bathroom and rinsed each on before putting them back in. The pain didnt stop. I am blind with out them and had no where to put them. After a half hour I was getting desperate. I went to the kitchen to find to cups to fill with slution to put them in. When I went to take Will's solution (Audra's was running low) I found an extra case. But removing the contacts made no difference. And as it became lighte outside, the pain was getting worse. At one point, I went into the bathroom, shut off the nightlight and curled up on the floor in the complete darkness, covering my eyes to try to protect them but it still hurt. I was crying for three reasons, pain, frustration and naturally trying to fix the pain. My dad fund me on the couch and brought me back to grandmas. Audra took care of my Primary class. The car ride was awful. the sun was so bright and covering my eyes was not enough. As we went in my room, my dad said "I can't see anything in here, its so dark" me on the other hand couldnt see anything because it was blindingly bright. He gave me a blessing and told me to call him if I needed anything or decided to go to the hospital. I turned the light off, shut the blinds and curtains and draped 2 brown towels over my window. It was still so bright that I put a pillow and the blankets over my head. By 9:30-10am there was no change so I called Dad to take me to the hospital. I let work know that I may not be able to come in. By 11am I was feeling better and didn't have to hold my hands over them. By 2pm I had slept a little and felt better. They were still light sensitive and painful and red but because there was no one to cover me (they called every store in the district) I was not going to make Jaimie work a 15 hour shift. I went in to work feeling like I had gotten those eye drops that enlarge your pupil and like I hadn't slept in 3 days. Surprisingly I made it throught the night with only one crying meltdown from pain.
The worst part was that I had volunteered to take Audra to the airport early the next morning. She needed to be in Philly at 4am, so we left at 2:30am, so after work I took a 3 hour nap. My eyes still hurt, but the night made it a little better. i came home at 5am and slept until 2pm. When I woke up the red was almost all gone as well as the pain...the moral of the story, NEVER SLEEP IN CONTACTS!!!!!

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