Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Facebook annoyances

I have begun to delete people from my facebook because the things they post are starting to get on my nerves...here are some of my facebook pet peeves
1. When girls post pics of themselves in a bathroom mirror wearing just a bikini...I have zero desire to see that

2. When people watch a football, baseball or hockey game and update their status every 2 minutes! If I cared what was happening in the game I would watch it...yes, support your team, but get of fb and watch them

3. When people constantly complain and put down their boyfriend, girlfriend or ex as their status

4. major FDA(facebook display of affction). I am talking about people who literally post gushy things about how wonderful their man/girl is in EVERY STATUS. We get it already, you "love" them

ok mini rant over...

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