Saturday, April 9, 2011

Its starting to come together

Yesterday, Mom and I met with the Enchanting Florist in Tuckahoe. I went in with a budget of prferably less then $300 but o more then $400. They took me back and showed me a lot of flowers and kept asking me what I thought. I think that they wanted me to be a little more opinionated.
I told them that my colors were ivory/cream and purple. I wanted more color in my bouquet and mostly white for the bridesmaids. I like roses, hydrangeas, calla lillies, orchids and I am not opposed to carnations. But in my opinion, they are the proffesionals and they know alot more about flowers then me!
We settled on a hydrangea with white and lavander roses, a dark purple flower that I cant remember the name of and lavander freesia and some others too. It will look beautiful. I am so excited!!! The only bad thing is that today, I realized I forgot the flower girls, which will be the little girls I babysit, Kylee and Ryan. I also will need a boutenier for the ring barrer...who I still need to ask, Patrick's baby cousin Luke.

And this week, Audra is coming home!!! I am excited to see her. I have four days off which will be great. Thursday, mom, Audra and I will be gong to several bakers for cake testings. I think that this is going to be my mom's favorite part. I am not too picky when it comes to the cake.
Patrick is diabetic so he could care less. I just want one layer to be vanilla because thats my favorite. Mom can choose the rest. I have never been a fan of icing or fillings, so mom can pick thoose too. I love the look of fondant, but it tastes gross and is expensive. I am thinking of getting a small cake and supplimenting with a sheet cake.

Also this week, I get to pick up my dress!!! I am so excited for my mom and sister to see it. Last night I watched a Say Yes to the Dress marathon on TLC. It made me want my dress so much more. I am almost completely done with my wedding attire. I will have my dress, veil, garter and shoes. All thats left is a cover up jacket and hair accessories.

Patrick and I have been talking about the honeymoon. I had talked to one of mydad's coworkers who is also a travel agent. She found a bunch of all-inclusive resorts. The one that I like was a 4 day 3 night stay in Mexico for only $720 a person. But when I told Patrick, he suggested we go to Florida because his family had a house there and we wouldnt need to pay for a hotel. Its in St. Petersburg Fl, close to Tampa. He says its right on the beach and only 20 minutes away from Busch Gardens. He wants to drive down but I am all about flying.

On another note, Patrick found us a place to live. That has been one of my biggest fears from the beginning. Its the only reason I chose September because knew we would be able to get a winter rental if nothing else opened up. Its a duplex in marmora between route 9 and stagecoach. Pat knows the owner who comes into the hardware store all the time. It is being remodeled at the moment and wont be ready to move into until October or November. We will get first choice in either first or second floor. Pat wants the first floor because its a two bedroom and comes with a basement and one car garage. I am so excited to have my own place...well our own place. I cant wait to have a kitchen and be able to use all of the cabinets!

Thats enough of an update for now, I have to plan my lesson for primary tomorrow

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