Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I won again!!! Monday afternoon I saw that I had a voicemail on my cell. It was from a company called global lifestyles asking me to call them back today to claim my vacation that I had won. I was very confused. I had never heard of that company and I never entered a contest like that. I called the number that was left and recieved an answering machine. After a half hour they called back. It turns out that when I registered for the Wildwood Wedding Convention, I was automatically entered for this contest. Patrick and I were one of the couples chosen in our area. All we needed to do was go to a meeting in a hotel and fill out a simple survey. In return we would recieve a free one year membership to Passport to Value, which is over $1000 worth of coupons of our choice for groceries, entertainment, travel and dining. We would also get 20%-40% off any of their products at the meeting. And best of all a choice of 2 wedding bands worth $600 or a 3 day 2 night vacation at an all inclusive beach resort in either the Bahamas, Mexico or the Dominican Republic.
I was excited but leary. You cant really get something for nothing. So I dragged Pat out with me to the meeting. He would only go if his buddy Doug went too. When we got there, there were only 4 other couples. They gave us a little survey to fill out. Then we sat through a major sales pitch for a set of pots and pans. I have always been very easily swayed into buying things so by the end of the hour and a half I was sold.
Ken, the man running the show, is a nutritionist and was showing us all of the typical cookware types, glass, teflon (non-stick), aluminum, cast iron, enamel and stainless steel. He showed us a bunch of articles about the chemicals used in them and how the materials are porous and the pores open with heat letting in germs and close as it cools. So the germs just sit in there until you heat up the pan again and let out all the germs into your food. Yuck. I was kinda grossed out at the end because it is true and basic science. And did you know that aluminum cookware, such as Calphalon, is illegal to sell in several countries including France, Germany and Brazil. It rubs off into your food as you are cooking so you are ingesting all of it.
He also talked about how we typically go about cooking our food is actually killing all of the nutrients in them. Broccoli for example, when I cook it, I cook it in boiling water and when I drain the water, it has a greenish tint. Water boils at 212 degree farenhiet. Nutrients are killed off at around 120 degrees. One women brought up steaming veggies. Well steam comes from boiling water and is actually hotter.
The great thing about these pots is that they are a mix of 24 different metals sandwiched between two layers of surgical stainless steel (the most sanitary metal because it has no pores). And it is waterless. You just put the veggies in and put it on medium heat and put on the lid. There is a whistle that will sound when it reaches the proper temp and you shut odd the heat and shut the valve for 5 min then its ready. It cooks food faster, more efficiantly and keeps all the nurtients intact!!
Another cool feature is that the lids hook onto the pan so you dont need to worry about all that condensation an the table. The lids can also act as a trivet.
And the pans are stackable.
Ken made thanksgiving dinner, turkey, rolls,potatoes, veggies and all on one burner in only an hour and a half! And with the whistle you never need fear burning.
And when you recieve your set, you call up the company and they will send someone to come to your house and cook your first meal for you. All you need to provide is a beverage, they bring all the food!
When the company brought the 17 piece set to Macys to be priced, Macys was going to price it at $6998.00 because of the quality and the lifetime warrenty. The company decided not to go with it and just sell it themselves which kept the cost at $2400. And with the showroom sale, they would give it to us for $1500. And If we bought any size set, we would be able to have both the rings and the vaca free! I was really excited until I heard the price. 1500 is still a LOT of money! Patrick looked at me when it was over. I said that if I was going to get one, I would choose the 10 piece set. His response was "the 17 piece is only 200 more so we might as well get that". I was shocked! He is very cautious and skeptical. He is also rather frugal. The only thing he spends money on is food, dt mt dew, bills and a video game every other month. And he was the one that was totally ok with it and encouraging me to get the more expensive one. When I told him my concerns, he was telling me all of the benefits. So we decided to get it. Crazy right!!
But we do get $600 in wedding rings, $1000 in coupons and a vaca worth at least $1000. So it sort of evens out...i am def rationalizing. The next day, I was totally stressing about it. Its a lot of money! and Patrick wasnt worried which was throwing me off. He was getting on my case for spending 40 on a new purse, but he encouraged me to get the 1500 pots and pans?! how does that work. After talking to him about it, he told me that his family wants to pay for it for our wedding gift so I feel loads better.
I cant wait til they arrive!!!!

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