Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Have any of you seen the show on TLC Extreme Couponing? The first time I watched it I was mesmerized (that looks like its spelled wrong but I googled it. These people go to the store and buy $500 worth of groceries and only pay $5. I thought that was so cool so I had to watch to learn how. Then I realize that its not like they go and buy a regular weekly groceries. They will buy 200 boxes of advil or 400 toothbrushes. To me that is a little wasteful. One lady had 30 bags of cat food and their family didnt have a cat. Whats the point? Another has a walk in closet full of cereal boxes but they will prolly expire before they can use them.
I did like one guy. He bought $1000 dollars worth of items and donated them all.
Their techniques are to spend a good 30-40 hours a week and cut every coupon they see out of multiple (i'm talking hundreds)flyers and from the internet. Then they compare them with the sales at the grocery store. And the grocery stores they go to double coupons. They will get a box of advil that is originally $4.99 and is on sale for $1.69. Then they have a 75 cent coupon that is doubled so they end up paying 19 cents each and they will buy all the store has in stock.
I really like the idea of saving money and with a wedding coming up soon, i could really use it. So I decided to take some of their techniques and give couponing a try. And I am very pleased with the results! Today I went to Shoprite and Acme. In total I bought $277.02 of groceries and only paid $132.36. I saved $144.66!!! Thats a 52% savings. All of which are items that I really do use and the most I bought of one item was 4. I think I did pretty good for my first attempt at couponing!

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