Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I would like to publicly apologize for all my crazy mood swings and bad attitude lately. I honestly don't know what my problem is. I can't blame it on PMS. I think I am just exhausted and stressed. I have been having a really hard time sleeping lately. I keep waking up in the night and just can't get comfy because of the temp. I feel so bad because I am usually a very patient go wih the flow person. But lately I have just been a jerk. And I really am sorry.
Poor Patrick gets the brunt of it. But the meaner I get the sweeter he is, which makes me feel worse. I really just need to take a day off to just relax and sleep, no wedding planning, no errands, just chill. It really will benefit everyone :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


So I was reading on Yahoo an article about 3 types of dangerous heels...and I like all of those kinds :( platform wedges, pencil point heels and heels higher then 3 inches. Here's the link if you are iterested

Speaking of heels...I just got a new pair from shoedazzle yesterday and I am beyond excited to wear them Sunday :)
I amapparently risking a twisted ankle...but for these shoes I'll risk it haha

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bridal Shower

This past Saturday, my friend Melanie threw me a bridal shower. It was a lot of fun and I was very spoiled! It started with some food and introductions of favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough by the way (i didnt get to introduce myself). Then Melanie passed out two pieces of paper to everyone. On one they were supposed to write a problem in an "if" statement. On the other they would write the solution in a "then" statement. They were collected in two different baskets, "ifs" togethers and "thens" together. Then I would choose one from each and read it aloud. They were funny. I learned that the solution to my problems is either go out to dinner or hide it in the closet and say i've had it for years :)

Then every table chose someone to be a bride and they would dress her up using toilet paper, streamers and coffee filters. Everyone got really into it. I cheated and used the minnie mouse viel that my mom brought back from disney instead of making one :)
My dress before i tried to walk and it fell apart
My coworker Jaimie. Her team won.

The other "brides" Camille was loving all the attention

half my dress is on the floor

Then Melanie had me sit back in the rocker and asked me some questions she had previously asked Patrick in an email. I had been to other showers where they make the bride chew a piece of gum for every question they get wrong. I was glad I didnt have to do that! But I would have been ok. I knew a lot of the answers and I didn't even cheat! I did ask Pat about the questions but all he said was that he didn't know a lot of the answers. Then he asked me if it was bad tha he can't remember our first kiss.
Alot of the answers I guessed on, but some had no clue, like what his first job was. He did ok on the questions he was asked about me. I could see why he would answer the way he did. When asked what he thought myy least favorite body part of mine is he said my legs. I do have these gross varicose viens that I have always been self-conscience about, but its not my least fave. And he doesnt know my favorite song because he hates my music so usually I play a book on cd or nothing when we are in my car. And I tend to have a song of the week.
Then it was present time. I have always loved getting presents, but its always felt weird to do it in front of a crowd of people. I dont think I give the right reactions.
With the bows, ribbons and tissue paper, Myra made the traditional hat.
It kept sliding back because the back was so heavy.
When the party was over it took three people seveal tris to get everything to the car. My trunk and backseat were completely full. Grandma had to hold one of the balloons on the way home beacuse there was no space.
I put everything in one of the bedrooms in the apartment above grandmas. The next door neighbors were grilling in the backyard as I was moving everything to the steps. They kept asking me where all the stuff was from and told me I would need all of it. I have gone upstairs everyday since just to look at everything. I am beyond exited to use it all!!!!
With the gift cards I got, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought myself a kitchenaide stand mixer. But I decided to take it back the next day. They are $300 there and it seems like a whole lot of money to spend on something like that. Iwould use it of course but not enough to justify that price. I decided it would be smarter to buy a bunch of stuff I would use plates and bowls.
When I returned it, the guy asked for my licence to give me a store credit. Then I asked for a print out of the registry so the things i got would show up so other people wouldn't buy multiples. But I didnt want to look dumb buying things for my own bridal registry so I told them Patricks name. Then He asked if it was Katherine or Kellyn. I saidd Kellyn and he said loudly "Oh thats you" He remembered from my licence. Oh well.
I ended up getting a lot of my dishes, a shower curtain on clearance and some towels.
It really was a great shower and I have great friends!!! Thank you everyone who came:) And a HUGE thak you to Melanie Brough for putting it all together! It was perfect, the food, the decorations, the games, everything.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Happy Father's Day to a wondeful DAD!!! I love my dad very much and I am grateful for all the things that he has done for me. He is always there when I need him, whether its a listening ear or a blessing. I know that I can always count on him.

I love you dad!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Confessions Round 19

I just realized that haven't done any confessions this month...

1. I hate mexican food
2. I saw a wood centipede...see photo patricks bathroom a few weeks ago and never told him. They come around every summer and are gross and big and fast! There have been tmes that we spend an hour looking for one we've seen. I was tired and ready to go home so i didnt say anything.
But I saw it going out of his room into the kitchen a few days later and he killed it. We sprayed the next night so its all good.
3. Lots of people are upset that my bridal shower was not a suprise...get over it people
4.I never used to get headaches but now I get them all the time :( especially when its going to rain
5.I cant remember the last movie I saw in the movie theaters

Friday, June 10, 2011

Prom night flashback

One of my fears of this wedding is that I will end up repeating what happened with my prom dress. For my junior prom I got a dress I loved. It was hot pink, sweetheart neckline and beaded all over the top with a poofy skirt. I loved it!! Until a week before prom when I looked in the mirror and was quite dissapointed. It was too poofy and all the tulle was so itchy. So I took a pair of scissores to it and cut out all the itchy tulle under it so it would lay a little flatter.
The colors of the skirt and top photographed odd, they weren't that different in color
In the end i did like it but it would have been nice to get it right the first time. So I wanted to be extra careful when picking a wedding dress so I wouldnt have prom deja vu. I wanted to be sure to have comfortable fabric and not get a ballroom style.
I bought a dress back in March...see "I'm not really supposed to be here right now" post. I loved it. Its all lace with lots of beading. It has a small train and stays close to the body. But last Saturday when visiting my parents, I put it back on and looked in the mirror and wasnt loving what I saw. I still like the dress but am not sure about the fit...or the cover up I got...or the veil. The dress feels a little too loose and because it is strapless it slips down more often then I like...and it kind of makes me look a little flat chested. would like it to be a little tighter and more fitted and I kind of want the skirt to be a little more poofy...The opposite of my prom fiasco. It just doesnt feel like a wedding dress to me. I dont know if I have just watched too many episodes of Say Yes To the Dress on TLC or if I have had that "wow I am really getting married" moment yet. I just dont feel like a bride in it.
Now to the veil. The veil is exactly what I wanted. Its waist length and is bordered with lace. But my fear is that it wont work with the way I want my hair.
We bought the cover up jacket at Davids Bridal when we picked up the dress. It is long sleaves and mostly shear with a lace border and lace details all over. It is nice but the material is itchy. And my fear is that it might all be just a little too much together...too much lace, too much embelishment, too matchy matchy...
AHHH!!!!!!! What do I do?! Maybe I am just crazy and this is all in my head. I almost want to post a pic to get your opinions and hopeflly calm myself down a little. In a few weeks I am going to talk to one of the women at church who does all the costumes for Stockton College to see get her proffesional opinion on whether or not I need alterations. Until then I am feeling a little sick about it all...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baby Patrick

My mom wants me to have a slideshow for reception. So to prepare I have been going through Patricks baby pictures and oh my gosh he was adorable. As I was goin through them with his mom I say to him, "I had no clue you used to be blonde"
"I wasn't"
"Um I am looking at the photo and yes you were"
looks at photo..."wow I was, I didn't know that"
Shows how often those photos are pulled out. The more I look at them, the more excited I am to have children of my own :)
He looks so much like his dad! I have never seen a pic of his dad til this
My fav pic!!! So stinkin CUTE!!!
With his chocolate lab Hershey

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


One of the best things about the first of the month is that a new selection of shoes and bags are available on my shoedazzle account. I haven't bought shoes in a while and there are a bunch that i really like this month. Which do you like?

I have been wanting a new pair of white heels after I had o throw away mine from crazy black marks. But i think the sparkly ones are super cute too. And if anyone would like to join shoedazzle leave a comment with your email address and i will send you an invitation or copy and paste this link
it also gives me points towards a free pair of shoes :)