Thursday, June 16, 2011

Confessions Round 19

I just realized that haven't done any confessions this month...

1. I hate mexican food
2. I saw a wood centipede...see photo patricks bathroom a few weeks ago and never told him. They come around every summer and are gross and big and fast! There have been tmes that we spend an hour looking for one we've seen. I was tired and ready to go home so i didnt say anything.
But I saw it going out of his room into the kitchen a few days later and he killed it. We sprayed the next night so its all good.
3. Lots of people are upset that my bridal shower was not a suprise...get over it people
4.I never used to get headaches but now I get them all the time :( especially when its going to rain
5.I cant remember the last movie I saw in the movie theaters

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