Friday, June 10, 2011

Prom night flashback

One of my fears of this wedding is that I will end up repeating what happened with my prom dress. For my junior prom I got a dress I loved. It was hot pink, sweetheart neckline and beaded all over the top with a poofy skirt. I loved it!! Until a week before prom when I looked in the mirror and was quite dissapointed. It was too poofy and all the tulle was so itchy. So I took a pair of scissores to it and cut out all the itchy tulle under it so it would lay a little flatter.
The colors of the skirt and top photographed odd, they weren't that different in color
In the end i did like it but it would have been nice to get it right the first time. So I wanted to be extra careful when picking a wedding dress so I wouldnt have prom deja vu. I wanted to be sure to have comfortable fabric and not get a ballroom style.
I bought a dress back in March...see "I'm not really supposed to be here right now" post. I loved it. Its all lace with lots of beading. It has a small train and stays close to the body. But last Saturday when visiting my parents, I put it back on and looked in the mirror and wasnt loving what I saw. I still like the dress but am not sure about the fit...or the cover up I got...or the veil. The dress feels a little too loose and because it is strapless it slips down more often then I like...and it kind of makes me look a little flat chested. would like it to be a little tighter and more fitted and I kind of want the skirt to be a little more poofy...The opposite of my prom fiasco. It just doesnt feel like a wedding dress to me. I dont know if I have just watched too many episodes of Say Yes To the Dress on TLC or if I have had that "wow I am really getting married" moment yet. I just dont feel like a bride in it.
Now to the veil. The veil is exactly what I wanted. Its waist length and is bordered with lace. But my fear is that it wont work with the way I want my hair.
We bought the cover up jacket at Davids Bridal when we picked up the dress. It is long sleaves and mostly shear with a lace border and lace details all over. It is nice but the material is itchy. And my fear is that it might all be just a little too much together...too much lace, too much embelishment, too matchy matchy...
AHHH!!!!!!! What do I do?! Maybe I am just crazy and this is all in my head. I almost want to post a pic to get your opinions and hopeflly calm myself down a little. In a few weeks I am going to talk to one of the women at church who does all the costumes for Stockton College to see get her proffesional opinion on whether or not I need alterations. Until then I am feeling a little sick about it all...

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