Sunday, July 3, 2011


So as some of you may know, I have a very obsesive personality. One of my latest obsessions has been bedding. Sounds strange I know. Seeing as the wedding is coming up soon, I have been thinking a lot about things I will need for the new place, one of which is new bedding. I do have a comforter set that I like...see previous post "bargain shopper"

But Patrick has a great down comforter that I love. The only bad thing is the duvet cover he has to go over it. Its really old and yellowing and the buttons never stay closed. I have been looking at lot of different sites looking for new duvet covers. I found a couple that I like.
I really like this one! Its from Bed Bath and Beyond. They dont carry the purple one at the store near me so I drove all the way to the cumberland mall to check it out. I love the color. I love the rusching (spelling?). And I love the fabric! really soft. And they have the same design in white and dark grey. And the price wasn't awful, $140. But then I realized that it was only the duvet cover, nothing else. You would need to buy pillow shams seperately, $40 for each pillow case! Crazy!
After checking a few more places I found a set that I like at target. Its very similar, but I'm not sold on the color
Heres a link to get a better pic...
The color is a really light grey or a light pink. Both of which I am not really sold on. Its hard because I have no clue what the actual bed looks like. Patricks family is giving us a bed set. All I know is that its an antique and has been in the family forever.
I think I will just have to wait to see it before making a real decision. I dont want my bedding to clash with the bed style.

Can you tell I am beyond excited to decorate a house :)

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