Sunday, July 3, 2011

Confessions: Under Attack

Here is a special Confession story from last night...
So last night we had a random crazy thunderstorm. I was having a really hard time sleeping. Its hot in my room and my fan is making an awful sqeaking noise so I turned it off. I was going in and out of conciousness all night. Around 5:30am, I heard aloud boom. I figured they were testing the fireworks (mind you I was half-asleep so my logic was not all there).
I started to fall back asleep when...BBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!!!! The LOUDEST sound I have ever heard in my life. The house shook a little. I sat straight up and started freaking out. I honestly thought that Ocean City was being bombed. I was so scared. I grabbed my phone and started to look online at news stories to find out what happened. In the mean time I was hearing tapings on my window and thought it was debris falling from a house exploding. Then I thoght, well i just happened so it prolly wont be online yet. So I called Patrick to seeif he was ok and if he heard the explosion too. He was told me he hadnt heard a thing and to go to bed. But it too me a while to go back to sleep. I curled up under my covers, my heart pounding waiting for another bomb to explode and kill me.
When I woke up in the morning I realized what an idiot I had been! It was just thunder! and the "debris" was rain! So weird! It felt so real but i must have been half awake! I told some of the kids in primary this stor today and they all laughed at me :) It is kind of funny looking back. I cant believe I thought that! hah

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