Sunday, August 28, 2011

Earthquake, Car Accident and Hurricane and Tornado Warning all in one week...

...Yep its been a rough week. And on top of all that I have stopped eating chinese food (obviously the most devistating)
Tuesday I was at work in the backroom telling Cassie a story about this bizzare customer when she turns to me and says..."do you feel that? the store is moving". I looked up and saw the lights all swaying. My first thought was that someone ran into the building. Then I totally felt the floor shift back and forth. When it stopped we looked at each other then ran out to the sales floor. Yep we had just had an earthquake!!!! In my whole 21 years of living in NJ, I have never been in an earthquake. They say it was 5.8 centered in VA so it was super small by us, but still exciting.
Then about 20 minutes later I left the store with Cassie to drop off the deposit at the bank. As anyone who has come to the store knows, its very difficult to make a left out of the parking lot so I usually go right and take the little neighborhood sideroads to turn around. I get into the turning lane with my blinker on. There are two lanes of traffic coming towards me so I stop and wait. The car in the lane closest to me stops to let me turn in front of her. All the cars behind her stopped and no one was in the other lane, so I started my turn when a car went out of the stopped traffic and slammed into my car. :(
The worst part of the entire accident was that I couldn't get a hold ofPatrick after. The phones were all out of wack after the earthquake. I just wanted him there. That was all I could think of. Then I saw his buddies truck. We made eye-contact as he passed the wreck and i knew he wouldnt stop calling til he got a hold of pat and sure enough one minute later he called saying "Are you ok? Brian just called saying you were in an accident. Why wouldnt you call me?" The car is not drivable and I have a sept 2 court date. I almost broke my no chinese food diet that night due to all the trauma of the day but i had no car to pick it up. The last time I ordered from the local place that delivers I found a hair in my food so we got Pizza Hut instead (I know not much better)
So as if this was not enough of a bad week...Hurricane Irene! I took grandma to my moms thursday night and Friday morning we were packing to be evacuated. I have been through my share of hurricanes south jersey style so I really wasnt all that worried. Everyone was bugging out about this one. My parents were going to Ohio with the boys and grandma. The reason was because there was a good chance of losing power and grandma needs AC to be able to breathe. Otherwise they would have just waited it out at home. They went to Ohio to make sure they were far from the storm to calm grandma and to get a little vaca out of it.
I was of course invited but I chose to go to Patrick's cousin with him. I just couldn't stand to be that far away from him. His mom and Aunt Sue both came too. It was actually really nice. Patrick's cousin Heather and her husband Terry have a three year old son Luke. He is so cute and was my buddy for the weekend. In the mornings I could hear him asking for "Ke-win" while I was upstairs. And whenever I was around he would want to play the wii. He isn't very good at losing though. If it was a two person game he would yank the controller out of your hand half way through the game so you would lose.
We brought my grandmother's cat Molly with us to PA. Mom and Dad couldnt take her because Paul is allergic. And when Pas mom learned I was going to leave it in OC she flipped out. She hid under lukes bed most of the time we were there but would come out occasionally to be petted.
Saturday night (aka last night), the downpour had started and Pat and I were the last ones up playing Clue on the wii. Terry came out to check the sump pump one more time. And its a good thing he did. We heard yelling in the basement and rushed down to see water flooding in from everywhere. It was gushing out of the drain in the sink and under the door. But the worst wa coming from the shower drain. The system was flooded and backing up. We held the drains until Terry could find a strong plug. Then we spent two hours getting valuables, pumping water upstairs and outside, and sucking up 3 inches of water into the shopvac and carrying buckets of water upstairs. Fun Huh?
This morning the power was out and trees were down in the neighborhood. Terry had a generator and hooked it up to the tv, fridge and sump pump. Patrick was calling buddies to see how bad everything was down here and to see if the roads were open. And then were back on the road. Ocean City looks good. No real damage done. No major lasting flooding. No electricity lost. It seems like we evacuated to a worse place. But we are all safe so no harm done :)

Ps only two weeks till wedding day

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