Sunday, August 21, 2011

A million years later...

Sorry Its been like a million years since I last posted, but I have good excuses! One I was out of town for a week for Audra's wedding and Two my computer crapped out on me and it wouldn't turn on for over a week.
Thursday, the 11th of August, I tried to turn my computer on and got the blue screen of death. Then a screen appeared saying that the start up failed and i could either "start normally" or "launch start up repair". I tried to start normally but it went back to the blue creen of death, then to the same screen. I tried the launch startup repair. It did something for a halfhour then told me to restart. After which the blue screen reappeared. Patrick was busy that night so i just left it alone hoping the next day it would work. But the next day I tried it again and the same thing happened. I left it with Pat while i went to babysit, but he couldnt fix it.
By saturday i was jonesing. I even drove up to best buy to look at laptops. But sunday I spoke to my dad who said it was still under warrenty. Monday I was on the phone...for over an hour. They had me doing all sorts of diagnostic tests. They even had me open the bottom and take out the memory chips. The guy told me my motherboard was fine but both my memories were bad and he would send me new ones. He put me on hold for 20 min while he checked with his supervisor. But his supervisor said he thought it was the motherboard and not the memories.
Friday I had a 4pm appointment for the tech come to install the new motherboard. I had work til 2:30 then had to run to wawa to deliver an invite to a friend then to patricks to get my computer(i leave it there because grandma doesnt have internet). I got to grandmas at 3:30 thinking i was safe on time but apparently the guy had been waiting 15 minutes already. What fix it man is 45 minutes early?!
And after an hour messing around and taking my entire computer apart and putting it back together, drumroll.........BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!!! Seriously?! The guy told me to call Dell back and ask them to reinstall windows. So after waiting a week, I was back at square one. On to another one hour phone call. They had me resest my computer to factory settings so I lost everything! This is the fourth time that has happened to my computer so I have learned not to get attatched to anything. The guy helping me was funny though. He randomly asked (in a thick accent) "Is it hot in the United States in the summer"
"Do you have tornados?"
"No we dont get them where I live"
"What part of america has tornados?"
"they are more in the middle, I am right on the beach"
"Oh so you have hurricanes"
"Sometimes but not very bad"
"Did Hurricane Katrina hurt you"
"No that was down south"
after a minute or two in scilence he asks..
"Do you know Paris Hilton?"
"I know who she is but I dont know her personally"
"She just came to our town and stayed for five days and she is very pretty"
He was all excited
So my computer is now working. I have no music or pictures or microsoft works or anti-viris or anything, but it works!!! is a quick update of what i have been up to during this month between posts...

-Audra got married in Nauvoo Illinois and we took a road trip for the wedding (post with pictures to come)
-My boss has was out of work for a surgery and myself and Jaimie ran the store for a while but we are all so glad she is back to work
-I finalized my wedding cake
- I have ordered a ton of wedding things that i really hope will arrive before the wedding
-I got my wedding dress back, it still needs a little tweaking
-I get married in 20 days!!! ahh!!!
-I bought a vaccume
-We got a puppy
-just kidding but I really want one
-We have some new families in our ward so the dinamics in my primary class has changed with two new boys and I try hard not to rip out my hair
-I have sworn off chinese food until after the wedding, its gonna be super hard

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