Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trunk or Treat

Wednesday was our wards Trunk or treat. For those of you who don't know what that is...We do it every year at our church. People decorate he trunk of heir cars. The kids dress up in their costumes and go trunk to trunk for candy. We also have a dinner and usually a cupcake walk. This year the did a "spooky ally" and nixed the cupcake walk and just had them out for anyone.
I had no clue what to be this year. Last year I was bacon and Audra was an egg. And for a lot of years prior, I went as a mafi gangster. I wanted something different. I asked the kids in my primary class what they thought. One told me I should be a princess, another said a witch. I went with a princess.
My prom dress had beaded spagghetti straps so I needed to add sleeves. I am not a big seemstress. I can sew on a button and make a pillow, but beyond this was a stretch but I think it turned out ok. There are a million layers on the dress so I cut off a few inches from the bottom of the most inner layer to use for the sleeves. No one would see the cut off part and it was a guarenteed match for the rest of the dress.
I sat and sewed on the couch while watching Dancing with the Stars. The cat was veryinterested. He kept trying to swat the fabic. I had to keep pushing him away. Then he sat as close to me as possible, his head on my leg and on the very edge of the cushion, almost falling off. He wouldn't keep his eyes off the thread. When I would raise the needle, his head would go up. It was funny.
Pat's mom came out and asked what I was doing. After telling her, she asked where I got the extra fabric. I told her and she said "Its a shame you are ruining that perfectly good dress" But a few people told me that they thought the sleeves were part of the original dress, so I think I got away with it
I brought my camera but never took any pics...sorry

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Last night, Patrick was on his computer playing Battlefield 3. I was in bed watching Desperate Housewives on my laptop.

Pat's buddy (via computer):Where did everyone go"
Me: They all went to bed because it is three minutes after midnight, hint hint"
Pat: no response

A half hour later
Pat turns off computer: Its bed time
Me(slightly annoyed): How come whenever I say its bed time, you ignore me. But when you say its bed time I have to shut everything down and go to sleep?
Pat: Because its my room so I choose when its bedtime
me: oh really? I thought it was OUR room
Pat: nope, its my room. When we ge our own place the bedroom will be your room and you can decide bedtime
Pat (with Huge Grin): But the room with my TV and computer will be my room so I decide my bedtime

Its hard to be annoyed when he is so dang cute. After going back and forth a little more he was super sweet! He told me that he always misses me when I go to another room to watch TV.

A little while later....
I go to turn on the light, when I go back to bed, he is laying right in the middle.
Me: You need to learn to stay on your side of the bed.
Pat: I am not on your side
Me: Yeah you are. You are laying right in the middle!
Pat: The middle is neutral
hahahaha that boy makes me laugh!

Confessions 22

1. I was getting tired of my hair and was about to chop it off but I got a new shampoo and conditioner, Dove Moisture Therapy, when it was on sale. OMG! My hair has never felt softer or smelled better!!!

2. I think I have a calcium build up on one of my knuckles. Its a weird hard lump under the skin that hurts when I press on it. Its been there for months but you can't see it, so I try to ignore it
3. I love getting mail :)
4. I have moved up from Top 100 to top 50 for shoedazzle reviewers!
5. I finally got around to sew the button back on to one of my work pants fell off last winter

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New debit card

Again! Once again, my debit card has been compromised and cancelled. This is sooooo frustrating! Its at least the third time this has happened! I got a voicemail from my bank friday nigt but didnt realize it til after the bank was closed. It didnt say much, just to call them back when I get a chance. Then that night, I went to download an app on iphone. It was a free app but itunes said there was a problem with my card. The card I have on file with them is my debit card. They asked my to enter the 3 digit number on the back of the card. I did so but it said it was wrong. I double checked it and it was right so I entered it again. Still said there was a problem. So then I re-entered all the card info and it still didn't work. Frustrated, I gave up.
The next day, I tried to buy a snack at work with my debit card, but the register said the card was declined. Now I was really frustrated, especially cause I don't carry cash. Because it was Saturday, I couldn't call my bank back to see what was going on. Patrick was going to take me to the bank Monday, but he was called into work. Tuesday I got an email asking me to call, but recieved it at 5pm and the bank was closing. So I finally called today.
She told me that she believes my card was compromised. She asked me about a couple charges. The first was only for a dollar to see if it would work. Then there was a $240 and $650 charge for somewhere in NY. So she cancelled my card and is going to send a new two weeks. I am glad that my bank is so on top of this. But at the same time, this is the third time!!!
Then she said that there have been a lot of charges to shoedazzle. Yep, that was me.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


This month had been a good one for shoedazzle, I thought I would share my purchases this month

This bag is Bedford. It sold out in just days so I was really happy I got it early. I ordered the Grey but when it arrived it looked more Khaki to me. I went back to the sight and compared pics and it is deffinately khaki not grey even though that was what the tag said. Other girls had the same issue. People that ordered khaki got grey and people that ordered grey got khaki. I still love it though and I think the khaki goes better with my clothes anyway. It reminds me of a Hermes Birkin bag

I got Ciji in leopard at the same time. They had this shoe in February last year. It was solid red, nude and black with grey leopard wedge. I liked it but was still on the fence and never purchased then they sold out and never came back...until now. This time they had black with leopard, navy with brown wedge and brown with nude wedge. I made sure not to wait on this one! I am kinda loving leopard this season!

Ruthie was the last one that I bought the first of the month. I had a credit from a previous return so this one was free. She is prolly my favorite shoe from shoedazzle!!! They have her in Black and nude too but i think the wine color is great for the fall/winter season! She is prolly my tallest shoe too. I actually heard my ankle crack when i first started to break them in. I need to remember to take small steps when wearing them :)

Cordelia came in my second wave of purchases. She was one of my favorites from the start of the month, but I held off until last week. I am glad I finally caved! They are great!!! I can't decide if I want to wear these to church tomorrow or this next pair

Ezra was a popular shoedazzle shoe this month. She also came in cobalt blue (sold out super quick) and brown with gold spikes. I loved it and it is very fashion forward. I need to be careful when I wear them though. The spikes are a little sharp. They tore up the inside of the shoebox.

I have one more coming my way. I was on the fence about her all month and finally pulled the trigger because I had a credit from a return. She is a style I have always wanted to try but I dont think I will be able to pull off. Its a little bit of a stretch for me but since they were free, I thought I'd give it a try. And with free shipping for returns, I can always send her back to get another.
I know this seems like a lot, but some were free and this is really the last time I get to treat myself. I am married now and have to face big bills and reality of life. But at least I will have fabulous shoes to make me smile :)

If you like any of these shoes, use this link to sign up and you will get 20% off your first purchase

Friday, October 21, 2011


I totally love this time of year!!!
I love the weather. Its just getting cooler. Its the kind of weather that you can utilize your whole wardrobe. Break out the sweaters and sweatshirts, but t-shirts are still ok too.
I love the colors. The trees start to change. Pumpkins are everywhere
I love the food. Carmel apples, pumpkin bread and gingerbread
I love the holidays. I love halloween. Dressing up in a costume and pretending to be anyone you want for a day. Getting candy! I love thanksgiving. Gathering around the dinner table with family and friends!
When we move into our place, I will finally be able to put up all of our fall decorations. And I will be able to bake all those yummy fall baked goods. Hopefully it will still be fall when we finally get to move in!!!
And one of my favorite things about fall?!!! The shoobies are gone!!!!


The other night I came across the website

People submit pictures and other things that they come across that are funny or ironic. I was up laughing for hours..Here are some of my favorites

In this next one, someone was suspended at work for not asking their boss if they want something from a fast food place

This one s good have to read it all, click to make it bigger

There are a lot more good ones on the sight, but just a warning, there are a lot of inappropriate ones

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Some of my readers may think that I share a little too much information about my life and the people in my life. And sometimes I think they may be right but, on the other hand, I don't really consider my readers when writing. I find it odd that people actually take time out of their day to read about my thoughts. I write these blogs as a kind of online journal. So that I can look back and remember events and everyday things that I may forget in the future.
I have considered making my blog private, invite only. And sometime in the future I think I will, especially when we have kids. But for now, feel free to read and learn a little too much about me.

***** And a little piece of exciting news...
I recently found out that I am in the Top 100 of reviewers for Seeing as shoedazzle has over 1,500,000 customers thats kind of a big deal!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The first test of our marriage...

...Patrick is sick.
That may be a little dramatic, but then again, so is he. We both got a cold. Mine was not as bad and is already gone for the most part. He has the stuffy/runny nose, headache, muscle aches ect. I got him the liquid dayquil and nyquil because he wont take a pill. He also took liquid echinacea in large doses. After leaving work early, he has been sleeping for almost three hours.
It always amazes me what big babies men turn into when they are sick! He asked me why I dont feel as bad as he does. The truth is that I know how to SUCK IT UP. haha, Are your men babies when sick or is it just me?
But I love him anyway :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Confessions round 21

1. This blog posts ties my record for the most blog posts in a month
2. Battleship was one of my favorite games growing up but no one would ever want to play with me so now that I have it on my Iphone, I have been playing it non-stop
3. I slept on the couch last night, dont worry Pat and I are fine. He had another midnight release and i knew he would be up all night gaming and I needed sleep.
4. I am a horrible bowler
5. I used to hate chinese food...shocker I know


During my week offafter the wedding, mom and I went to bed bath and beyond to use up my gift cards and buy all the things I wanted on my registry and didn't get. I remembered that when I registered, they said after the wedding I would be able to get a discount on all the things left on the registry. We went to ask about it. It turns out that they call you and put you on the list for a bridal event. And it wouldn't be for months, but they were having a special bridal event that Sunday that they could put me on the list for where I would get 20% off my entire purchase.
20% off is a lot for bed bath and beyond but I really didn't want to break the sabbath by shopping and missing church. So I decided I woud just use my gift cards that day and in a few months go back for the next bridal event. Mom and I shopped arround for a little bit. When we were getting ready to check out, the person in charge of the bridal registries came into work and talked to us. She said that she could give us the event code for the bridal event and we would be able to get the 20% off that day!
I tell my primary kids every week to choose the right, even when its hard, and heavenly father will bless you. I chose to miss the 20% off event and go to church like I knew I should and I was blessed by being able to get the 20% off anyway! I am grateful to have a heavenly father who loves me and looks out for me and blesses me when I choose the right :)

And on a side note, I got a coupon in the mail for 20%off my entire purchase at The Chrismas Trees Shops and another 20% off my entire purchase at bed bath and beyond. Both don't expire until January :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011


So it has been awhile since my accident and I still haven't gotten a car. Its driving me nuts!!! Its not because I haven't been trying or looking. I look at craigslist every day. The problem is that I can't get a car with out Patrick approving it now that we are married. If we weren't married, I prolly would have had my dad taken me to get one already. Patrick would be upset but would get over it. But now that we are married, I cant just go behind his back ad come home with a car. But I seriously getting fed up with waiting!!
I feel like my lack of car is an annoyance to everyone. Pat gets annoyed when he has to wake up early to take me to work. I think my coworkers are tired of me asking for rides home. And I can't really ask my parents to come out to oc to take me to work everyday.
I want a car. I wnt to be able to drive to the storage unit to get some of my winter clothes. I want to drive to and from work. I want to drive myself to church. I want to be able to go to the grocery store.
I look at craigslist everyday to see what cars are posted. When I see one that I think will work, I show Pat. He wants a toyota or honda with low miles or new transmission, no problems, low price and a list of the recent work thats been done listed in the add. When I show him one he says and he says something like, "Thats alright, but keep looking" or "Thats priced low, there must be something wrong with it" and so on. Its so frustrating!
I am getting to the point where I'll take anything!I really want to go to a nice car dealership and get a nice used car. We will have a car payment, but it will be a car that will last for years. We won't need to put major money into repairs on a car thats gonna break down soon. And it will be more reliable. But I can't convince him to do that. He doesnt want to spend more then $3,000.
I am tired of being a burden on everyone.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Its strange how quickly after getting married that you start to feel the pressure to have a baby. Cindy (Patrick's mom) Came in the room the other night and was teling me how Patrick always said he was never going to get married and she was so glad I changed that. Then she looked at him and said..."And soon he is going to be a dad"
The next day I was in the kitchen and she came in to hang a picture Luke drew for her. Luke is her sister's grandson who is 3. As she hung it up on the fridge she looked at me and said, "I'll be hanging my own grandkids pictures up soon"
And I feel like every day I learn of another friend who is pregnant or has just had a baby.
I just want the world to know that it will be awhile before Patrick and I have kids. He wants one and I want three, but we both want to wait until we have our feet on the ground before adding the pitter patter of little feet :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I was looking through some of my old posts from this time last year and I came across this video again. I really love it!! Its def worth sharing again

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Pat and I have been married for a month now. And I have realized that I am not very good at sharing. It has been 6 years since I have had to share a room with someone. And I have never shared a bed with someone on a regular basis, only in the hotel rooms on family vacations. Patrick also has not had to share a bed or bedroom in a long time. t has taken a lot of time to adjust, and to be perfectly honest, I have yet to get a really good nights sleep. We have very different sleeping styles.
He sleeps in the middle of the bed, many times crooked. He sleeps turned around too. Normally people sleep with their heads at the top of the bed near the wall and their feet in the middle of the room. He does the opposite. He sleeps with a light and the TV on. He is also a big cuddler.
I on the other hand need the room pitch black and silent. I like to sleep on my side, curled up. I toss and turn and take forever to fall asleep. I don't like to be cuddled or restricted while going to bed. When Patrick moves over, I move over. Then I wake up to find myself squished against the wall and Patrick sleeping in my spot on my pillow.
And anyone in my family can attest to the fact that I am not very clean and organized when it comes to my bedroom.I leave clothes and papers and a whole bunch of stuff in piles on the floor. Patrick is messy in a different way, crumbs and plates with his leftover dinner sitting on the desk for hours, random computer chips laying around and millions of Dt Mt Dew cans everywhere. I am hoping that when we get our own place, we can each get our own space. He needs a room for his gaming and I need a closet for my shoes.
I think I might be more excited to get an apartment then I was about getting married...just one more month!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Shaving like a Stripper

So I realize that I have not posted any confessions since June. So here goes round 20.
1. I have cut myself shaving for the first time in years. A friend from work has a friend that is a stripper and one way she stays toned is when she shaves her legs, she balances completely on on foot and uses her core to keep herself balanced. I tried this today and its a whole lot harder then I thought. I was feeling the burn towards the end.
2. I like my mother-in-law, but I can't wait to no longer live with her.
3. Laundry is my favorite chore.
4. I have had my new iphone for about two weeks and I am just now getting the hang of it
5. I am nervous for Patrick to see just how big my shoe collection is

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Dont worry...this is a PG blog

After driving home, we quickly changed. Pat took two of his buddies home and I went to wawa toget gas because I was on empty and we wouldn't make it to the hotel. We met back at the house and were getting ready to head out to AC when my phone rang. I answered it with only a quick glanceat who was calling. I only saw an A and asumed it was Audra...WRONG. It was the alarm company calling saying the alarm at CVS was going off and they wanted to know how long it would take me to meet the police there.
Cool. Exactly what I wanted on my wedding night! And stupid me agreed to go. It turns out that our asistant manager in training was closing the store by himself for the first time and re-entered the store several times to do somethin he forgot after setting the alarm. Instead of calling the alarm company he decided to just wait to see what would happen. I complained to the police a lot. I told them it wa my wedding night and it is rediculous that this as happening.
Then we were off to AC. Patrick's mom got us a comped room at Bally's. She was worried my parents would be mad at her for getting me a room at a casino but I told her it was fine. She is funny
The next morning we left a little early because Patrick wanted Uncle Bill's for breakfast rather than room service. Of course Uncle Bill's had a huge line so we ended up going to the store and making a big breakfast at home.
We had a family dinner at my mom's and opened our wedding presents. I must say we were unbelievably spoiled. I can't wait until our apartment is ready so I can use all our new amazing kitchen stuff!!!
The next week was spent packing up all my stuff at grandma's and moving it into a storage unit. Holy cow do I have a LOT of stuff!!!!! Originally I got a 5' by 5' unit, but after the first round of stuff I knew there was no way that would work. All our wedding presents, all my shoes, a dinet, a table, four chairs, a dresser and all my stuff! I ended up going back and getting a 10' by 7' unit instead and it is currently completely full!!
Married life is great and once we are in our own place I think it will be even better!!!!

my 100th post!!!

I feel like I should make my 100th post about something super special. My wedding reception counts

I have decided that I am kind of a perfectionist. I am sad to say that one of the first things i noticed coming in to the reception is that candles weren't put o the chandelier at the sign in table and the underwater lights in the centerpieces were never turned on. But I soon realized that is not important at all!!! And I had a great time
The cake was beautiful and yummy.

Cutting the cake was a lot harder then I thought it would be. We couldn't get the piece we cut on to the plate. haha

And he was very good with the feeding thing. Not so entertaining for the guests but i didnt get cake up my nose like Audra did :)

I am not a dancer and niether is Patrick. We had mutually decided not to do a first dance. But I promised my dad that if he wanted to do a daddy-daughte dance, I would.

Its awkward dancing while everyone is staring at you but I know dad enjoyed it :) My parents had taken some dancing lessons from Melanie Brough, a woman in our ward.

I loved my bouquet and I didn't want to throw it because I know who-ever catches it keeps it. So my bridesmaid Jaimie let me throw hers instead. A lot of my girl friends are either married or out at school and couldn't come. So with only three girls battling to catch the bouquet, the chances of catching were high. Jaimie caught it.

Patrick spent a lot of the night with his dad, which I was happy about. We didn't know whether or not his dad would be able to come until a day or so before the weddng. Patrick hadn't seen his dad in about 8 years and didnt even recognize him at first. I love my dad and couldn't imagine my life with out him so I am glad Pat had a chance to catch up with his dad. I hope that we will be able to make a trip up to michian in a few years to visit more with them.

At the end of the night, the little boys had a lot of fun dumping a few gallons of eco-friendly confetti on me. The sad thing is, is that I bought it all. I had no idea itwas that much though. I was picking it out of my hairspray covered hair for a good hour or so. They also wrote on the car, but they used bar soap and it was dark and ha started to come off so I have no clue what pictures were drawn or what was written (which might have been a good thing)

More Wedding

Back to my wedding posts

After the ceremony, we took some pictures with the photographer then drove seperatley to his moms so he could drop off his car and then drove together in the rental to the church for the reception. By the way, it is so not easy driving in a wedding dress in case anyone was wondering.

Here are some of my favorite pictures

There are a lot more photos on my facebook. I liked my photographer but i think if i was to do it over, i would go with someone else. She took a ton of pictures of feet. She was not very directive either. For the family shots she didnt arrange anyone and i didnt get any family pictures back on the cd. i emailed her about it and hope i get a responce. I will be really upset if i dont have a picture of my family and i on my wedding day

Monday, October 3, 2011

New Showroom

I'll break up my wedding posts with a post about my one of my longlasting obsession...shoedazzle! I have posted about shoedazzle several times in the past. But here is a brief overview. Its kind of a shoe of a month club. Stylist pick a handful of shoes, bags and jewelry sets each month for yor showroom based on a style survey you fill out and types of shoes you request. Everything on the site is only $39.95 and shipping is free.
Saturday was October 1st, which meant a brand new showroom. This summer I discovered the Shoedazzle page on Facebook. Fellow dazzlers post about the shoes in their showrooms and put pics up. So I was exposed to a LOT more shoes than usual!!! It was a blessing and a curse haha. I got a little jaded with my showrooms over the summer. They would put shoes in my showroom that I had already seen because of facebook so I was getting bored with it all. I wanted something NEW!
So I was beyond excited for this upcoming October showroom because the new fall looks would change up everything and some looks from last winter that sold out super quick would be back in all new colors! The showroom is available at midnight pacific time aka 3am our time!!!! I knew I could sleep in the next day so I decided to stay up. Patrick has on many occasions gone to game stop at 11 to wait outside for a midnight release of a game. He is even going to one tonight actually. So Pat came up to me at midnight and said "Its bed time" I said, "Tonight I have a midnight release!" ha. He had me set my alarm for 3am. I dont think he thought I would really wake up in the middle of the night to buy shoes but I DID!! I am so excited by what I got and I can't wait for them to arrive!!!

This is Ruthie, It comes in black, nude and red but I got red

This is Ciji. It was popular in Feb of last year but would sell out super quick. They switched up some of the colors and I am glad I waited for this one

And last but not least a new winter bag. Her name is Bedford. I was smart to act quick and order when I did because this was the first color to sell out

There are still soooo many that I want but I am trying to use self control.


Ezra...I think this will sell out quick but i am in love!!! my mom says its dangerous. They also have this in cobalt blue

This is a celebrity designed shoe called Go for Brouge. It was designed by Carson Kressley, currently in Dancing withthe Stars. 100% of profits will benefit the Al D. Rodriguez Liver Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting awareness of the Hepatitis virus and liver cancer. It is now sold out in my size which is ok because I do have a very similar shoe already, but it is super cute

Minka is a black suede thigh high boot that I am in love with. I dont think i will ever get it because it is a little hookerish. I also dont wear skirts short enough to show it off and I dont think boots going over jeans that high is very comfy

Stephanie is one of their breast cancer awareness shoes. Its cute and lower then I would normally choose. 10% of the retail sales price of "Stephanie" sold will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® this October, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $10,000.

And last but not least "Nine". Makes me wish Pat still had his motorcycle. How hot is this boot!!!

If any of these shoes strike your fancy you can get 20% of your first purchase from shoedazzle by signing up by using this link