Saturday, October 8, 2011


Dont worry...this is a PG blog

After driving home, we quickly changed. Pat took two of his buddies home and I went to wawa toget gas because I was on empty and we wouldn't make it to the hotel. We met back at the house and were getting ready to head out to AC when my phone rang. I answered it with only a quick glanceat who was calling. I only saw an A and asumed it was Audra...WRONG. It was the alarm company calling saying the alarm at CVS was going off and they wanted to know how long it would take me to meet the police there.
Cool. Exactly what I wanted on my wedding night! And stupid me agreed to go. It turns out that our asistant manager in training was closing the store by himself for the first time and re-entered the store several times to do somethin he forgot after setting the alarm. Instead of calling the alarm company he decided to just wait to see what would happen. I complained to the police a lot. I told them it wa my wedding night and it is rediculous that this as happening.
Then we were off to AC. Patrick's mom got us a comped room at Bally's. She was worried my parents would be mad at her for getting me a room at a casino but I told her it was fine. She is funny
The next morning we left a little early because Patrick wanted Uncle Bill's for breakfast rather than room service. Of course Uncle Bill's had a huge line so we ended up going to the store and making a big breakfast at home.
We had a family dinner at my mom's and opened our wedding presents. I must say we were unbelievably spoiled. I can't wait until our apartment is ready so I can use all our new amazing kitchen stuff!!!
The next week was spent packing up all my stuff at grandma's and moving it into a storage unit. Holy cow do I have a LOT of stuff!!!!! Originally I got a 5' by 5' unit, but after the first round of stuff I knew there was no way that would work. All our wedding presents, all my shoes, a dinet, a table, four chairs, a dresser and all my stuff! I ended up going back and getting a 10' by 7' unit instead and it is currently completely full!!
Married life is great and once we are in our own place I think it will be even better!!!!

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