Sunday, October 16, 2011


So it has been awhile since my accident and I still haven't gotten a car. Its driving me nuts!!! Its not because I haven't been trying or looking. I look at craigslist every day. The problem is that I can't get a car with out Patrick approving it now that we are married. If we weren't married, I prolly would have had my dad taken me to get one already. Patrick would be upset but would get over it. But now that we are married, I cant just go behind his back ad come home with a car. But I seriously getting fed up with waiting!!
I feel like my lack of car is an annoyance to everyone. Pat gets annoyed when he has to wake up early to take me to work. I think my coworkers are tired of me asking for rides home. And I can't really ask my parents to come out to oc to take me to work everyday.
I want a car. I wnt to be able to drive to the storage unit to get some of my winter clothes. I want to drive to and from work. I want to drive myself to church. I want to be able to go to the grocery store.
I look at craigslist everyday to see what cars are posted. When I see one that I think will work, I show Pat. He wants a toyota or honda with low miles or new transmission, no problems, low price and a list of the recent work thats been done listed in the add. When I show him one he says and he says something like, "Thats alright, but keep looking" or "Thats priced low, there must be something wrong with it" and so on. Its so frustrating!
I am getting to the point where I'll take anything!I really want to go to a nice car dealership and get a nice used car. We will have a car payment, but it will be a car that will last for years. We won't need to put major money into repairs on a car thats gonna break down soon. And it will be more reliable. But I can't convince him to do that. He doesnt want to spend more then $3,000.
I am tired of being a burden on everyone.

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