Thursday, October 27, 2011


Last night, Patrick was on his computer playing Battlefield 3. I was in bed watching Desperate Housewives on my laptop.

Pat's buddy (via computer):Where did everyone go"
Me: They all went to bed because it is three minutes after midnight, hint hint"
Pat: no response

A half hour later
Pat turns off computer: Its bed time
Me(slightly annoyed): How come whenever I say its bed time, you ignore me. But when you say its bed time I have to shut everything down and go to sleep?
Pat: Because its my room so I choose when its bedtime
me: oh really? I thought it was OUR room
Pat: nope, its my room. When we ge our own place the bedroom will be your room and you can decide bedtime
Pat (with Huge Grin): But the room with my TV and computer will be my room so I decide my bedtime

Its hard to be annoyed when he is so dang cute. After going back and forth a little more he was super sweet! He told me that he always misses me when I go to another room to watch TV.

A little while later....
I go to turn on the light, when I go back to bed, he is laying right in the middle.
Me: You need to learn to stay on your side of the bed.
Pat: I am not on your side
Me: Yeah you are. You are laying right in the middle!
Pat: The middle is neutral
hahahaha that boy makes me laugh!

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