Tuesday, October 18, 2011


During my week offafter the wedding, mom and I went to bed bath and beyond to use up my gift cards and buy all the things I wanted on my registry and didn't get. I remembered that when I registered, they said after the wedding I would be able to get a discount on all the things left on the registry. We went to ask about it. It turns out that they call you and put you on the list for a bridal event. And it wouldn't be for months, but they were having a special bridal event that Sunday that they could put me on the list for where I would get 20% off my entire purchase.
20% off is a lot for bed bath and beyond but I really didn't want to break the sabbath by shopping and missing church. So I decided I woud just use my gift cards that day and in a few months go back for the next bridal event. Mom and I shopped arround for a little bit. When we were getting ready to check out, the person in charge of the bridal registries came into work and talked to us. She said that she could give us the event code for the bridal event and we would be able to get the 20% off that day!
I tell my primary kids every week to choose the right, even when its hard, and heavenly father will bless you. I chose to miss the 20% off event and go to church like I knew I should and I was blessed by being able to get the 20% off anyway! I am grateful to have a heavenly father who loves me and looks out for me and blesses me when I choose the right :)

And on a side note, I got a coupon in the mail for 20%off my entire purchase at The Chrismas Trees Shops and another 20% off my entire purchase at bed bath and beyond. Both don't expire until January :)

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