Monday, October 3, 2011

The day of

The next morning, I tried to sleep in but I kept waking up and checking the time on my phone. Will made the family breakfast. Then I was helping mom dip srawberries in chocolate all morning. Whenever I would stop to think about it I would get really nervous...the "i feel like i am going to throw up" kind of nervous, but as long as I was busy, I was fine. My car ride to get my hair done was the only time the whole day that I got emotional and cried.
Amber Cook was kind enough to do my hair and nails and make-up for me...she really is amazing!!! It helped me out sooo much! As soon as my hair was done i had to get home as soon as possible, grab all my stuff then race down to the cape may county branch to meet Patrick and President Corbit before the wedding. I drove down by myself and was really feeling the nerves. Patick and I had been talking about this day for three years and it was crazy to me that it was really happening. As soon as I saw Patrick, all my nerves went away and I was fine. Pres Corbit showed up and we went over some of the wordingof the ceremony and how its all going to work, the he and Pat left to go to the Zoo. Mom and Audra came to meet me at the church to help me get dressed and finish getting ready. Audra drove me down and of course by the time we got there, there was no parking left so we awkwardly parked on the grass area away from everyone.
The weather was great and the ceremony was beautiful. After the ceremony, we walked down the walkway and waited at the end for everyone else. And for days before the wedding i kept saying how i did not want to stand in one of those stupid recieving lines, but it kind of happened anyway, which was fine. Here are some pics


  1. You blog is really cute! And did you get married at the zoo? Such a great idea, it is beautiful. I loved the colors you chose for your bouquet as well.

  2. Thanks Danielle! Yes we did get married on the gazebo at the Cape May County Zoo! So pretty, I def recomend it! And The Enchanted Florist in Tuckahoe did my flowers, they did a great job!