Monday, October 3, 2011

The days before

Yes, I have been neglecting my blog lately, but I have good reason....I just got married! :)

I am gonna split these blog post up cause its kind of a lot for one

I had off thursday and friday before the wedding. Thursday, Pat was working and my family went down to DC so I had the day off to myslef to chill, which was nice. I have always kinda been a loner/private person. I like having my space. So a day to myself so close to the big day to relax was good for me.

Friday, we planned to set everything up at the church. I knew that the whole weekend was going to be a little stressful especialy without a car. So I went online and set up to rent a car for the weekend. Enterprise said they would aea car available for 9am friday morning. At 8:45am the next day, they call saying that they dont have a car now but would have one by 1pm and that they would call as soon as it came in. I went with Audra and Trevor to start setting up everything at the church. Come 2:30-3pm Audra and I went to enterprise to check on the car because no one had called. We walk up to the door and there is a ripped piece up paper with "Be back soon" written in pencil taped to the door. Really?! We went back to the church to work on the setup. At 4 my dad called Enterprise but no one was answering and he was forwarded to corperate. At 5 we finally got a hold of them and they said "yeah we have had a car sitting here for you all day" Sooooo frustrating!!!
We were running rather late so i rushed down to the zoo where i told everyone we would have a rehearsal. Then we went to a dinner Pat's mom set up. They had little menus with our names set out at all the tables, it was cute. The food was good and the portions were HUGE!!!!!
Then it was back to my parents house for my last night as a single woman, I slept on the couch in the playroom and watched a few episodes of the first season of Charmed...yes i am a wild woman haha

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