Saturday, October 22, 2011


This month had been a good one for shoedazzle, I thought I would share my purchases this month

This bag is Bedford. It sold out in just days so I was really happy I got it early. I ordered the Grey but when it arrived it looked more Khaki to me. I went back to the sight and compared pics and it is deffinately khaki not grey even though that was what the tag said. Other girls had the same issue. People that ordered khaki got grey and people that ordered grey got khaki. I still love it though and I think the khaki goes better with my clothes anyway. It reminds me of a Hermes Birkin bag

I got Ciji in leopard at the same time. They had this shoe in February last year. It was solid red, nude and black with grey leopard wedge. I liked it but was still on the fence and never purchased then they sold out and never came back...until now. This time they had black with leopard, navy with brown wedge and brown with nude wedge. I made sure not to wait on this one! I am kinda loving leopard this season!

Ruthie was the last one that I bought the first of the month. I had a credit from a previous return so this one was free. She is prolly my favorite shoe from shoedazzle!!! They have her in Black and nude too but i think the wine color is great for the fall/winter season! She is prolly my tallest shoe too. I actually heard my ankle crack when i first started to break them in. I need to remember to take small steps when wearing them :)

Cordelia came in my second wave of purchases. She was one of my favorites from the start of the month, but I held off until last week. I am glad I finally caved! They are great!!! I can't decide if I want to wear these to church tomorrow or this next pair

Ezra was a popular shoedazzle shoe this month. She also came in cobalt blue (sold out super quick) and brown with gold spikes. I loved it and it is very fashion forward. I need to be careful when I wear them though. The spikes are a little sharp. They tore up the inside of the shoebox.

I have one more coming my way. I was on the fence about her all month and finally pulled the trigger because I had a credit from a return. She is a style I have always wanted to try but I dont think I will be able to pull off. Its a little bit of a stretch for me but since they were free, I thought I'd give it a try. And with free shipping for returns, I can always send her back to get another.
I know this seems like a lot, but some were free and this is really the last time I get to treat myself. I am married now and have to face big bills and reality of life. But at least I will have fabulous shoes to make me smile :)

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