Friday, October 21, 2011


I totally love this time of year!!!
I love the weather. Its just getting cooler. Its the kind of weather that you can utilize your whole wardrobe. Break out the sweaters and sweatshirts, but t-shirts are still ok too.
I love the colors. The trees start to change. Pumpkins are everywhere
I love the food. Carmel apples, pumpkin bread and gingerbread
I love the holidays. I love halloween. Dressing up in a costume and pretending to be anyone you want for a day. Getting candy! I love thanksgiving. Gathering around the dinner table with family and friends!
When we move into our place, I will finally be able to put up all of our fall decorations. And I will be able to bake all those yummy fall baked goods. Hopefully it will still be fall when we finally get to move in!!!
And one of my favorite things about fall?!!! The shoobies are gone!!!!

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