Saturday, October 8, 2011

my 100th post!!!

I feel like I should make my 100th post about something super special. My wedding reception counts

I have decided that I am kind of a perfectionist. I am sad to say that one of the first things i noticed coming in to the reception is that candles weren't put o the chandelier at the sign in table and the underwater lights in the centerpieces were never turned on. But I soon realized that is not important at all!!! And I had a great time
The cake was beautiful and yummy.

Cutting the cake was a lot harder then I thought it would be. We couldn't get the piece we cut on to the plate. haha

And he was very good with the feeding thing. Not so entertaining for the guests but i didnt get cake up my nose like Audra did :)

I am not a dancer and niether is Patrick. We had mutually decided not to do a first dance. But I promised my dad that if he wanted to do a daddy-daughte dance, I would.

Its awkward dancing while everyone is staring at you but I know dad enjoyed it :) My parents had taken some dancing lessons from Melanie Brough, a woman in our ward.

I loved my bouquet and I didn't want to throw it because I know who-ever catches it keeps it. So my bridesmaid Jaimie let me throw hers instead. A lot of my girl friends are either married or out at school and couldn't come. So with only three girls battling to catch the bouquet, the chances of catching were high. Jaimie caught it.

Patrick spent a lot of the night with his dad, which I was happy about. We didn't know whether or not his dad would be able to come until a day or so before the weddng. Patrick hadn't seen his dad in about 8 years and didnt even recognize him at first. I love my dad and couldn't imagine my life with out him so I am glad Pat had a chance to catch up with his dad. I hope that we will be able to make a trip up to michian in a few years to visit more with them.

At the end of the night, the little boys had a lot of fun dumping a few gallons of eco-friendly confetti on me. The sad thing is, is that I bought it all. I had no idea itwas that much though. I was picking it out of my hairspray covered hair for a good hour or so. They also wrote on the car, but they used bar soap and it was dark and ha started to come off so I have no clue what pictures were drawn or what was written (which might have been a good thing)

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