Monday, October 3, 2011

New Showroom

I'll break up my wedding posts with a post about my one of my longlasting obsession...shoedazzle! I have posted about shoedazzle several times in the past. But here is a brief overview. Its kind of a shoe of a month club. Stylist pick a handful of shoes, bags and jewelry sets each month for yor showroom based on a style survey you fill out and types of shoes you request. Everything on the site is only $39.95 and shipping is free.
Saturday was October 1st, which meant a brand new showroom. This summer I discovered the Shoedazzle page on Facebook. Fellow dazzlers post about the shoes in their showrooms and put pics up. So I was exposed to a LOT more shoes than usual!!! It was a blessing and a curse haha. I got a little jaded with my showrooms over the summer. They would put shoes in my showroom that I had already seen because of facebook so I was getting bored with it all. I wanted something NEW!
So I was beyond excited for this upcoming October showroom because the new fall looks would change up everything and some looks from last winter that sold out super quick would be back in all new colors! The showroom is available at midnight pacific time aka 3am our time!!!! I knew I could sleep in the next day so I decided to stay up. Patrick has on many occasions gone to game stop at 11 to wait outside for a midnight release of a game. He is even going to one tonight actually. So Pat came up to me at midnight and said "Its bed time" I said, "Tonight I have a midnight release!" ha. He had me set my alarm for 3am. I dont think he thought I would really wake up in the middle of the night to buy shoes but I DID!! I am so excited by what I got and I can't wait for them to arrive!!!

This is Ruthie, It comes in black, nude and red but I got red

This is Ciji. It was popular in Feb of last year but would sell out super quick. They switched up some of the colors and I am glad I waited for this one

And last but not least a new winter bag. Her name is Bedford. I was smart to act quick and order when I did because this was the first color to sell out

There are still soooo many that I want but I am trying to use self control.


Ezra...I think this will sell out quick but i am in love!!! my mom says its dangerous. They also have this in cobalt blue

This is a celebrity designed shoe called Go for Brouge. It was designed by Carson Kressley, currently in Dancing withthe Stars. 100% of profits will benefit the Al D. Rodriguez Liver Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting awareness of the Hepatitis virus and liver cancer. It is now sold out in my size which is ok because I do have a very similar shoe already, but it is super cute

Minka is a black suede thigh high boot that I am in love with. I dont think i will ever get it because it is a little hookerish. I also dont wear skirts short enough to show it off and I dont think boots going over jeans that high is very comfy

Stephanie is one of their breast cancer awareness shoes. Its cute and lower then I would normally choose. 10% of the retail sales price of "Stephanie" sold will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® this October, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $10,000.

And last but not least "Nine". Makes me wish Pat still had his motorcycle. How hot is this boot!!!

If any of these shoes strike your fancy you can get 20% of your first purchase from shoedazzle by signing up by using this link

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