Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Pat and I have been married for a month now. And I have realized that I am not very good at sharing. It has been 6 years since I have had to share a room with someone. And I have never shared a bed with someone on a regular basis, only in the hotel rooms on family vacations. Patrick also has not had to share a bed or bedroom in a long time. t has taken a lot of time to adjust, and to be perfectly honest, I have yet to get a really good nights sleep. We have very different sleeping styles.
He sleeps in the middle of the bed, many times crooked. He sleeps turned around too. Normally people sleep with their heads at the top of the bed near the wall and their feet in the middle of the room. He does the opposite. He sleeps with a light and the TV on. He is also a big cuddler.
I on the other hand need the room pitch black and silent. I like to sleep on my side, curled up. I toss and turn and take forever to fall asleep. I don't like to be cuddled or restricted while going to bed. When Patrick moves over, I move over. Then I wake up to find myself squished against the wall and Patrick sleeping in my spot on my pillow.
And anyone in my family can attest to the fact that I am not very clean and organized when it comes to my bedroom.I leave clothes and papers and a whole bunch of stuff in piles on the floor. Patrick is messy in a different way, crumbs and plates with his leftover dinner sitting on the desk for hours, random computer chips laying around and millions of Dt Mt Dew cans everywhere. I am hoping that when we get our own place, we can each get our own space. He needs a room for his gaming and I need a closet for my shoes.
I think I might be more excited to get an apartment then I was about getting married...just one more month!!!!

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